Our Christmas Vacation in Texas

Posted in: Us- Dec 29, 2013 3 Comments

Saturday, December 21 We made it to Texas and after a night of pretty good rest, the boys were up around 9am (lovely) and ready to explore and play.  Nana didn’t get her broken wrist in a sling keep her down, she was determined to play with her grandsons. We had a special trip planned […]

All of the Adams Family

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It was a Christmas miracle that we were all together in the same town for the celebration this year.  Woohoo!  And what does that mean?  Well, pictures, of course.  We rallied the day after Christmas, all getting up and ready, to meet in Sugar Land at a little bit after 10am.  We had a small […]

Two kids? Check! Two planes? Check! We did it!

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Today marked a feat for the Bollman family…two adults, two kids, two planes….yup, we flew to Texas and made it.  Here are a few pictures of our journey. Emily and Camille are keeping the house while we are away, and saw us off with a cheery goodbye!  They were sad to see Blake and Burke […]

{Growing} Dinner Group

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What a year it’s been with our friends for our Dinner Group.  We’ve shared life, happiness, announcements, new babies, hard times, and meals together.  This was our last time to be together in 2013, and the kids welcomed their newest buddy, Lincoln.  I think he’ll fit in just fine.  The Bollman Boys were glad to […]

Christmas Cookies :: Part 2, 3 & 4 :: Making cookies, making icing and {finally} decorating

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The dough sat in the fridge overnight, and as soon as Blake was asleep, Burke and I got to work on Step 2 : Making the Cookies!! He had to find the rolling pin first.  He totally knows his way around the kitchen. He got to rolling it out nice and flat… …and then had […]

Christmas Cookies :: Part One :: Making the Dough

Posted in: Us- Dec 11, 2013 2 Comments

During our last Bollman Family Meeting, Brett and I talked a lot about what traditions we wanted to culture for our family, and one that I came up with was Christmas Cookies.  Brett did this growing up, and while staring at a blank canvas definitely is haunting for me, I decided to go ahead and […]

Decking Our Tree

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We pulled out the Christmas Tree during Thanksgiving so that it would feel festive enough to have our very first Christmas while Ma & Pa were still here visiting, but had it sitting empty for a week or so.  It turned out that this afternoon we had nothing planned (miracle) and so we decided it […]

Dear Blake,

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Dear Blake, 10 Months.  You are such a joyful little guy…we love that you are part of our family!  You are really starting to play and it’s been so much fun to witness.  One of the toys that you’ve become particularly attached to is the light saber.  Daddy picked it up at a work conference […]

A whole lotta Bollmans

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After church we enjoyed a delicious lunch at Eureka Burger downtown.  On the way back to the parking garage, we decided to snap a few pictures.  These are just fun pictures of a lot of generations of Bollman people. Grandma & Brett :: Jan & John :: Betty & Brett Betty, Blake, Bruce, Jan, Annemarie, […]