Scenes from Thanksgiving 2013

Posted in: Us- Nov 28, 2013 2 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving!!  We woke up this morning by bringing Burke into bed with us.  We are so thankful for these two boys…our family!  What a great way to start today! Burke helped me make pancakes for breakfast.  He LOVES to help in the kitchen and grabs his apron and the chair as soon as he […]

Leaf Party. 4PM.

Posted in: Us- Nov 23, 2013 3 Comments

The message had been sent. Leaf Party.  4PM. The leaves were being raked while the boys still napped.  The O’Neil family arrived right on time, and they were the right incentive for Burke to get out of bed. Check out that pile of leaves! Hads and CloClo were super excited. Burke and Hadley took their […]

Wine Country

Posted in: Us- Nov 23, 2013 2 Comments

We decided to do something fun and different today since we had such fun family guests in town visiting.  It all worked out with timing perfectly that we’d leave right as Blake was to take his morning nap, as we all (8!) loaded into the van to go out to Wine Country! Our first stop […]

A Texas Visit to Meet Baby Karis

Posted in: Us- Nov 15, 2013 2 Comments

My youngest sister, Taylor, had a baby on November 5th, and the timing of her birth was definitely an answer to (my, anyways) prayers.  Our family already had plans to be in Las Vegas for Brett’s work conference and visiting with family, and if it worked out, Blake and I would go while we were […]

Wrestling Brothers

Posted in: Us- Nov 11, 2013 1 Comment

Went out to take Blake’s 39 week picture on the back porch of Ma & Pa’s house and of course, Burke isn’t ever very far behind. One thing that he’s been doing a lot of now with his friends is wrestling.  It’s so funny to see these little boys (gently) pinning each other down.  Well, […]

My 37th Birthday in Squares

Posted in: Us- Nov 07, 2013 2 Comments

Started out my birthday with a good, hearty, breakfast.  Yummy. My breakfast dates were excited it was Mommy’s birthday too. Cuties! The only thing I really wanted for my birthday was to shower, fix my hair, and attempt to feel like a real human and pretty.  Thank God for Burke playing by himself for a […]

Dear Blake,

Posted in: Us- Nov 06, 2013 2 Comments

Dear Blake, Blakers, Blakers, Blakers…you are growing so fast!  It’s been so much fun being your Mommy (& Daddy) the last month.  You are such a super fun baby and we are having such a great time watching you learn new things. Your nickname is such a fun one, and what’s even greater is that […]