2013 Halloween

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Halloween was so much fun this year.  I am normally not that into the spirit of dressing up, however, after I started to get Burke’s costume ready during naptime, I got a little bit excited about it all. Burke was a tourist this year…..funny shirt, socks with sandals, passport around his neck, visor and camera…he […]

Just 39 Weeks

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Just some pics of my favorite almost 9 month old!   One more week, buddy! His nails grow so darn quick that I can’t keep up, which means that he scratches even himself from time to time. He’s so easy to get to smile, and I love it! Oh, Blake, you are simply the best!

One more Pumpkin Patch visit with Nana & Papa Sneed

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One more time to Lane Farms while Nana and Papa Sneed are in town.  No complaints from me, or Burke, for that matter.  He really does love this place! We met up with the Tarrs and Emily too this time.  First things first….HAY RIDE!  You can see that Burke really enjoys this part. Papa Sneed […]

Saturday Snippets

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After a late Friday night with friends, Saturday morning came early for Mommy and Daddy.  When Burke woke up, he walked in to find Blake watching Baby Einstein, so he plopped down to watch it with him. The bed was definitely more comfy, so they moved up in between us and finished out the episode. […]

Lane Farms Pumpkin Patch 2013

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It’s that time of year again….the time where we visit the Lane Farms Pumpkin Patch several times in October…and love each and every visit.  We met up with a few of our friends and their families, and the first thing that happened was the Hay Ride. Next up….playing with the HAY!  Turns out that this […]

Rockin’ Boys

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Today was our second time to visit Rockin’ Kids.  This time it was me, Krista and Jen and ALL the boys.  We got there right at 10, and had the whole place to ourselves for a while before anyone else showed up. I had Blake in the carrier in hopes that he would fall asleep, […]

We’re going to the Pumpkin Patch…

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I can’t believe that it is already the 15th of the month and it was our first visit to Lane Farms.  We went to Krista’s for some play and then walked to the pumpkin patch from there.  Blake didn’t want to nap while we were all playing, so he fell asleep on the walk and […]

Wiksten Sewing x 4

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So, I’ve been dreaming (literally) about making a Wiksten Tank for the longest time.  A few of the gals from the SBMQG had made one, and after that, I looked up and read through every single blog post I could find about someone who had made one of these tanks. When I was in Vegas […]

Blakers & Mommy {by Burke}

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Boom!  35 Weeks!  What??  It’s true, and these pictures are harder and harder each week now.  Little Blake just doesn’t want to lay still, so I have to be quick!  A friend commented that it looks like he’s doing the Cha Cha.  I think so too! I LOVE the ones that Burke snapped this week […]

Dear Blake,

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Dear Blake, You are 8 months old now and you’re doing all sorts of new things. Blake, you do not like to be on the ground.  You pull your little body up on anything you can find.  You particularly like the fireplace, but also spend quite a bit of time standing on the side of […]