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Ma and Pa came to visit us and we had a great few days.  Here are some of the highlights and fun pics from their time in SB.

When Brett got home from work, he got to working on cutting the grass…Burke helped with his mower too!  Like Daddy, like son.  What a great helper he’ll be in a few years.

While Brett was out there, Burke tripped over the hose in the backyard and got himself a few new boo boos.  Oh no, buddy.

It looks a lot worse than it was…he turned into a super happy little camper as we cleaned him all up in the kitchen sink.  It was his first time to have this kind of rinse in the new house, and he loved it!

On Saturday morning, after breakfast, I took off with Blake to a SB Modern Quilt Guild Sew Day to work on a few projects.  He was a champ the whole time and I actually got quite a bit done.  He took a 2.5 hour nap while we were there…now why can’t he do that everyday? 🙂

While I was there, one of the ladies mentioned a new play place in SB, and so Ma, Pa and Daddy took Burke there, and he had a BLAST!!  I came home in the middle of the afternoon and then we hung out in the backyard for a little bit while Daddy and Pa started in on cleaning up/out the garage.

You can see the aftermath of his previous day tumble.

Burke found the box for the iPad and keyboard, picked them up, and said, “I go to the office” and played “work”.

On Sunday, after church, we stopped by Daddy’s office to show Pa and see the updates.  Burke loved banging on Daddy’s drums.

Ma got Burke these finger paints for Christmas and we still hadn’t taken them out to use them….so it seemed like the perfect post-nap activity.  He really enjoyed it, and of course, requested balls.

We took a late afternoon walk to the big field that is at the end of our street after the cul-de-sac.  Turns out that there is quite a bit to look at out there, a lot of open space, a gorgeous view and room for Burke to run!

Back at the house while waiting on dinner, Pa and Burke played with trains.

That night, I convinced Brett to let me setup a few things in the extra room that was sitting empty.  It’s not permanent or organized, but I had a smile on my face SO big!  I made Burke a reversible apron so he could wear this one next time he helps me in the kitchen.  It was wonderful beyond explanation how nice it was to have the space to just lay everything out and be free to create.

The next morning when I showed him his new apron, he was so excited and matched up the items on the power tool side with pieces of his puzzle.  This guy is so stinking cute!

After work, we went out to Elephant Bar for some dinner.  Blake was an angel the whole time and enjoyed everything he could see from his view.  Burke had a grand time outside watching the planes at the airport and the cherry on top his dessert was delicious!

Tuesday morning, Ma and I ventured out to the Goleta Library for “Zoo to You” and learned about some animals that had been rescued in SLO.  We saw a monkey, porcupine, owl, kookaburras, and an alligator.  Burke did great, sitting on my lap, for most of the assembly.

We made a stop at Blenders and TJ’s on the way home to cool off and grab a few things for lunch and dinner.

During naptime, I finished another quick project that I’d been wanting to get to but didn’t feel like putting everything up for….a new pillowcase for Burke. I told him several weeks ago that I was going to make him a new turtle pillowcase, and he kept remembering and asking me about it.  I had such a fun time whipping this one up while he slept and showing it to him when he woke up!  I think it’s a hit!

Something else I worked on while he napped was a little afternoon fun for our walk to the park.  I’ve seen a few friends do something like this, and thought that the pictures would be helpful for Burke to know what he was supposed to be looking for.   I had to look up online the images so I knew how to draw the fire hydrant and truck, but they didn’t turn out too bad for a non-artist!

He got so excited to have “my list” and found all the items with such glee!  When we got back from the park, he showed Pa his completed list, and he said “Good job!  You can put it on the refrigerator”.  Well, Burke disappeared and when we came inside, his list was nowhere to be seen, and he said, “I did it!”.  I started to laugh so hard as I realized that he had put his list inSIDE the fridge and not ON it.  Sure enough, there it was…he was so proud as he pointed it out to us.  I gave him a magnet and he figured out how to make it stick instead. 🙂

Blakers fell asleep right on cue around 5 and stayed asleep for about a 30 minute snooze.  He was sucking on his pacifier so hard that he had an indention on his face when he woke up.

We played with Lightening on the balance beam at the park.

On the way home, Blake was getting fussy….Ma to the rescue.

We had a really nice dinner together, and all the kiddos were off to bed by around 9.  Burke called out a few times, so around 10 I went in to check on him.  I felt around for him in the dark, and after finding his feet, couldn’t figure out how in the world he was sleeping.  I turned on some lights in the hallway and chuckled when I saw how he was snoozing.

We had a wonderful time with Ma and Pa in town, and are grateful for their visit and loving on us and the boys.  As always, we look forward to when we can spend some fun quality time with them again soon!  We love you!

5 Responses to “Ma and Pa come to SB”

  1. Grandma Betty says:

    It has become our favorite vacation spot.

  2. marisa says:

    Skateboard jammies are a fave at our house too! Visitors are fun…love having extra help and kid entertainers!

  3. Mom says:

    Ours too, Betty. So much to do out there and within close proximity. Enjoyed the photos and the refrigerator story. That’s the way to keep them on their toes, Burke!

  4. Tabitha says:

    That little scavenger hunt game is such a great idea!

  5. Sarah Shalley says:

    Did you have a pattern or instructions for the pillow case? I have material for Parker…that one is super cute! I haven’t sewn in forever.