Just Because I Love my Family by Annemarie

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We were outside getting Blake’s 23 week photo…and I got a little carried away.  This is just a post with a LOT of pictures of my family who I love SO much!

Not only do I love this new fabric I got on super sale to make my charity quilt for the SBMQG, I love this little guy on it too!  Maybe I’ll have enough leftover to make one for him too!

Awww….such a handsome little dude.

His smiles….they are too much!  Not really.  Nope, not all all.  Smile all day long, cute baby.

Cuteness OVERLOAD!!

Oh wait, you’ve got new tricks?? Ok, let’s see them.  Pushups.

Our grass is pretty awesome for some fun pics too.

LOVE my three boys!!

And because Mom stays in the picture…even when my hair is dirty, greasy, and visibly balding.  This little guy doesn’t know any better or care.  He loves me just because I’m his Mommy.

5 Responses to “Just Because I Love my Family”

  1. Mom says:

    I love your family, too!! The Love shows in all the photos…

  2. Mom says:

    PS I clicked on the link and that was a great article. Do you know Allison Tate?

  3. Danielle Fahrenkrug {Delightful Mom} says:

    This is so stinkin’ cute! Your pictures are fabulous too! And I agree, your family is very adorable:-)

  4. Mom Bollman says:

    Those three boys are so handsome it is awesome! As you said awhile back..” Brett and I create some beautiful kids together!” And that’s the TRUTH!!
    What’s more, YOU make all three of them SO happy! 🙂 Your family is precious <3.

  5. Mom Bollman says:

    Love Burke’s crossed leg…..so cute!