Dear Burke, by Annemarie

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Dear Burke,

Burkester!  I thought that I might be finished with these letters after your 2nd birthday, but you’ve been doing so many awesome, fun and wonderful things since you turned two, that I wanted to be sure to let you know about them still.

So, here are some of the new things that you’ve done in the last two months.
You are a litttle sponge, repeating things we say, or ask you to, and remembering them.  Some of those things are so hilarious and you say them at the funniest time.  One being, “oh goodness, my diaper”, when I was changing your diaper one day.  I guess you’d heard me exclaim the same with some of the more stinky changes, and you busted out with it all of the sudden one day.  You have made up your own word, ALOTTA, prounounced, Uhhh LATTA, when you mean for us to know that you just don’t want one, or see one.  When I ask you if you want to do something, like to help me, you excitedly say “I do dat!”.  If your answer is to be an affirming one, your replies are either “YES!” or “Uhhh, sure”.  I love it when you are talking about your Toy Story friends, and just shout out “yeehaw” like Jessie, just so matter-of-fact.

You are the friendlist little boy, saying “HI” to everyone you see.  Whether it’s an older man at Kmart, or our neighrbors walking down the street, they are greeted with a little wave, a giant smile, and a happy “hi” from the cutest toddler there ever was.

In the new house, you’ve learned a few new tricks too.  You know your way around and did as soon as we moved in.  You know where to put all of the kitchen items, exactly where your snacks are in the pantry, and can now successfully reach and work the water spout on the fridge.   You love to run around in circles or up and down the hallway.  The backyard is the perfect spot for all your balls.  Your latest ‘chore’ is checking the mail, which you do “all by myself”.  You’re so careful to keep your feet on the sidewalk and the curb, and are so good at it.  When we walk to the park, you know to check for “no cars coming” and hold my hand while crossing the street.  You also point out every fire hydrant you see.

I got you a fun pair of simple flip flops and you can put them on all by yourself.  We were going in the backyard to the garage one morning and you got to the back door, stopped, went in and put on your shoes, and then came back ready to go.  You’re awesome, Burke.  You make me smile so much.

You are going through what I’m calling a “roaring phase” and you have three very distinctive roars.  Dinosaur, bear and lion.  We can tell them apart, and you do them on cue too. You also do them at the dinner table, in your brother’s face when he’s sleeping and at the zoo.

You are so loveable, giving kisses, high fives, and hugs all the time.  If you do any of these things half way, you will say, “oh no, hard” and request for a do over with true force/meaning.  A new way of expressing your love for one of us including licking.  You get such a kick out of making this happen too.

We worked on you learning your full name and after a few days, you had it mastered.  You can recite all of our names, and the way you shout “ANDER BOLLMAN” is so fun.  You call me “Mom-a-ree” sometimes, even though I really want to be “Mommy” for as long as possible.

We got you a sticker book for your birthday and just finished the whole thing.  You surprised us all with your recognition and matching skills and had such a graet time working on this book with anyone that would sit down with you to do it.

You really like your baseball hat, and will make a decision on when you want to wear it without anyone else mentioning it.  You also like to watch the games with Daddy and will shout out “Go Cubbies!”.

All those nights and times of singing “Jesus loves me” over and over again has resulted in you singing it all by yourself.  The first time I realized that is what you were doing, it was such an amazing sound.  Now you break out in song at least once a day, and have taken to start singing it when Blake is upset, as you hear Mommy doing it to sooothe him.  You’re such a great big brother.

I know that you’re growing up so fast and will be doing more and more of that each month, so, I think that I’ll keep up these letters to you…maybe I’ll stop when you’re 18.  🙂

Mommy, Daddy and Blake love you so much!!  You’re a lucky little dude.


3 Responses to “Dear Burke,”

  1. Autie says:

    I am so in love with your little man <3
    He did so many of these things while he was with us. Such great memories!

  2. marisa says:

    hahaha kiah yells the second half of his full name too :). I especially like the roaring in his brother’s face while sleeping!! we’ve had similar instances in our house too! so fun to watch these boys grow up!

  3. Mom Bollman says:

    Just today in the car when Blake was crying Burke softly began to sing Jesus Loves Me to Blake! My heart melted! Burke is so very special! Love him soooooo much!