Dear Blake, by Annemarie

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Dear Blake,

Oh, Blakers! That’s your nickname, by the way, Blakers. You’re SO cute and Mommy has so much fun with you as part of our family. You turned 5 months, and I don’t know how that’s possible. It’s gone by so fast. If you were any cuter, I think I’d burst!

This past month you’ve been such a joy to watch grow and learn new things. You found your toes, and you love to grab them. A day after that discovery, you must have been bored, because you decided it was time for you to roll over too. Since then, there hasn’t been much time that you like to stay laying on your back. I would put you down, and within seconds, you, oh so gently, and like it was no big deal, would just roll over. Like you’d been doing it your whole life. You’re such a stud, little man. You love to be on your tummy and see what’s going on from the new view.

Your laugh, while it is reserved for only the extra hilarious, is so cute and we love it. You’ll catch us doing all sorts of things to warrant the reward from you. I’ve learned that “BOO!” sometimes does the trick.

You’re also such a great conversationalist. You love to talk. My favorite time with you is in the morning….you’re so chatty and it’s awesome. You lay there and coo to Mommy and Daddy before you have to share us with your brother. Then, once he comes in, he gives you some serious love, and you try to gnaw his face off.

Speaking of gnawing and gumming everything….you’re still at it, but no teeth yet. The drooling has kind of gotten itself under control, but now your entire fist and part of your arm will end up in your mouth.

It looks like you’re going to keep Mommy’s coloring, although you might look a little bit more like Daddy. Your eyes are such an amazing dark color that I can get lost in them, and your dark(er) little hairs keep growing in.

We spend quite a bit of time in the new backyard, and while you’re still getting used to the grass, I think that you do love being outside. One day, you were rather upset, and nothing was working to calm you down, so I took off your diaper, and we sat outside in the backyard on a towel. You peed everywhere, but were so happy to be naked and in nature. Oh boy, wonder what that means for you in a few years. 🙂

We moved into our new home this month and you’ve gotten used to the floors quite nicely. Most of the time you’re on a blanket or some sort on the ground, but I can tell that soon you’ll be wanting to move and will leave those in the dust. So far you don’t seem to mind the hard floors at all, so we’ll see how that goes. You’re still sleeping in Mommy and Daddy’s room in your co-sleeper, which you really do love. You’ve fallen into a pretty good routine since we moved in with three naps each day. One around 930, then if Mommy is lucky (which she has been for a few weeks), you take your 2nd nap at the same time as Burke around 1, and then you catch a later afternoon quick snooze around 5, and go to bed somewhere in the neighborhood of 8pm. It’s been nice to know when you’re going to be sleepy, and Mommy secretly gives herself a pat on the back when she successfully gets you to fall asleep. I’ve actually been so much better this time at seeing sleepy cues and putting you down when you’re ready. What a world of difference that makes….for all of us! You’re mostly still sleeping through the night, however, there have been a few nights where you wake up, and I’m more than happy to have that time with you, feed you, and lay with you until you fall back asleep. Your waking up hour is earlier than anyone else in the house, sometimes by 6am, but you’re happy to just lay there in bed with us and don’t make too much fuss, and sometimes even fall back asleep until we’re all ready to be awake closer to 8am.

At your last appointment, you weighed in at 17 pounds 4 ounces (75%), measured 26.5 inches tall (90%) and well, your 44cm head is off the charts. I LOVE your big beautiful round noggin. You’ve outgrown the 6 month clothes, so most of what you’re wearing these days is labeled 9 months. You had your first shot at that appointment, and while you did OK there, when you woke up from your afternoon nap, it must have been irritating to you becuase you cried for quite some time and weren’t able to be consoled. It was sad for Mommy but we made it through.

Your older brother, Burke, loves you very much, but one thing he does, sometimes startles you. You see, he is going through a roaring phase, and sometimes he comes up to your face, really close, and ROARS, very loud. It shocks you, you jump, and sometimes you cry. I promise that we’re trying to work on that, but I can’t guarantee that you won’t be the brunt of many, many, more things of similar nature being the little brother.

It has been another super fun month watching you learn new things and grow. I can only assume that your new trick in the coming months will be a big one….teeth, crawling, moving? Guess we’ll wait and see. I can’t wait!

Mommy, Daddy and Burke love you SOOOOO much, Blakers!

4 Responses to “Dear Blake,”

  1. Mom says:

    Oh, Blake, is right! Can’t get enough of this little fella. Love all the photos!

  2. Autie says:

    Blake is so cute, fun and snugly.
    So glad I got so much time with him while we were there.
    Loralyn loves her cousin Blakers. She is still talking about her time with him to people.

  3. marisa says:

    he is so darn cute!! those eyes…no wonder you get lost in them!

  4. Mom Bollman says:

    My heart is melted by Blake’s grins and loving eyes! I adore putting him to sleep with his sweet sleepy talk and to feel him relax completely going limp in my arms. Oh, I have such a case of G”ma love!! His eyes are just beautiful, not blue, or brown, but this dark hazel that looks like it has depth you can fall into! Amazing! I adore this little guy!!