A Baby Quilt for Josiah John

Posted in: Us- Jul 30, 2013 3 Comments

I LOVED making this quilt.  I got super excited when Brett said yes to me buying the full fat quarter set of the Lotta Jansdotter Glimma collection.  It came in the mail super fast, and I just sat and stared at it for quite some time before figuring out how I was going to cut […]

Friday Fun with My Boys

Posted in: Us- Jul 26, 2013 3 Comments

Once again, our being outside to take Blake’s weekly photo (yes, I was a few days late this week) turned into more fun than expected.  🙂 A few of our outtakes.  I love this fun fabric, and can’t decide what I want to do with it.  Our (only) local store with fabric went out of […]

Just Because I Love my Family

Posted in: Us- Jul 17, 2013 5 Comments

We were outside getting Blake’s 23 week photo…and I got a little carried away.  This is just a post with a LOT of pictures of my family who I love SO much! Not only do I love this new fabric I got on super sale to make my charity quilt for the SBMQG, I love […]

Ma and Pa come to SB

Posted in: Us- Jul 16, 2013 5 Comments

Ma and Pa came to visit us and we had a great few days.  Here are some of the highlights and fun pics from their time in SB. When Brett got home from work, he got to working on cutting the grass…Burke helped with his mower too!  Like Daddy, like son.  What a great helper […]

Dear Blake,

Posted in: Us- Jul 06, 2013 4 Comments

Dear Blake, Oh, Blakers! That’s your nickname, by the way, Blakers. You’re SO cute and Mommy has so much fun with you as part of our family. You turned 5 months, and I don’t know how that’s possible. It’s gone by so fast. If you were any cuter, I think I’d burst! This past month […]

A Baby Quilt for Lucy Marie

Posted in: Us- Jul 02, 2013 7 Comments

This quilt might look familiar as it’s the third one that I’ve made with this same large HSTs (London’s quilt and Aria’s quilt were the other two).  I just love it SO much and have really smiled a lot while working with this Kumari Garden fabric. I enjoyed making this one so much too as it’s […]

Dear Burke,

Posted in: Us- Jul 01, 2013 3 Comments

Dear Burke, Burkester!  I thought that I might be finished with these letters after your 2nd birthday, but you’ve been doing so many awesome, fun and wonderful things since you turned two, that I wanted to be sure to let you know about them still. So, here are some of the new things that you’ve […]