Backyard Hanging Out with my Boys

Posted in: Us- Jun 26, 2013 3 Comments

We had a fun day today…a friend and her teeny 6 week old little girl came over this morning to hang out, the boys took 3 hour naps (at the same time) and then we took a little trip for a Blenders and an errand. We pulled into the neighborhood at the same exact time […]

What a Wednesday :: A Day in the Life Pictures

Posted in: Us- Jun 20, 2013 3 Comments

What a great Wednesday.  I didn’t plan on it being such a fun day, but sometimes days like today are just a fun, pleasant surprise.  I should have known it would be a special one when it started out like this. Cuddles in bed with Daddy. When Blake was taking his morning nap, Burke and […]

Father’s Day 2013

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We are such a lucky family to have this handsome man as our Daddy!  The boys love their Daddy VERY much. So fun to be able to have a day to celebrate Daddy!  We ALL love you very much!!

Some Fun in the Sand and the Sun

Posted in: Us- Jun 14, 2013 1 Comment

We joined some of our friends for the second week this summer at Goleta Beach near the pier.  Last week, Burke took a little spill off the rocks while we were there, so this time, we setup a little further away from the culprit! On the way there, I had to make a return at […]

After Nap Hanging Out

Posted in: Us- Jun 13, 2013 1 Comment

Just a few images from hanging around the house this afternoon after naps. As usual, Burke wanted to get in on the weekly photo taking of Blake.  Poor guy is healing from a spill off a rock last week at the beach.  We’re hoping that his chin boo boo doesn’t scar, although it does make […]

Dear Blake,

Posted in: Us- Jun 06, 2013 3 Comments

Dear Blake, You are 4 months old today.  It has been such a joy to be your Mommy.  I can’t believe that it’s already been 4 months.  I love each and every day with you.  It seems like it’s gone by fast, and I’m already forgetting what you were like as a newborn, but each […]

Dear Burke & Blake,

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Dear Burke & Blake, You two are so much fun!!  I love how much you two love each other already, and look forward to watching your brotherly love grow as you get older. I went outside to play with you two this afternoon, and get a few more 4 month pictures of Blake, and Burke […]

I think he likes it…

Posted in: Us- Jun 05, 2013 2 Comments

Something tells me that Burke is already used to, and likes, the new place. Mommy loves the natural light from the big windows in the front room….a LOT.  It’s also a nice spot for Burke to watch for Daddy to come home from work.

Blueberry Picking aka Eating Straight from the Farm

Posted in: Us- Jun 04, 2013 1 Comment

We met some of our friends out at Santa Barbara Blueberry Farm this morning.  The first thing Burke spotted when we got there was this really big tractor that he had to get closer to in order to get a better look. We got our buckets and were on our way. Burke had a fantastic […]

A Table Between Us

Posted in: Us- Jun 02, 2013 1 Comment

The last time that the six of us got together, Krista gifted us all a book :: Bread & Wine. We’d all heard about it, but none of us had read it yet. Well, it didn’t take long for us to dive right in, and start texting bits of it to each other as we […]