Dear Blake, by Annemarie

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Dear Blake,

You turned three months today.  While it did go faster than I’d like it to, this last month with you in our family was super fun.  You’re a very chill baby, but I guess that is how many second children are/have to be.  We don’t really have any kind of schedule, other than your brother’s, but that seems to work for you for now.  If I really need you to sleep, then I just have to put you in a carrier, and you’re out in a few minutes flat.  You stay sleeping much longer if I wear you as it’s so warm, comfy and you’re right next to me.

You and I took our first trip alone this month….well, it was you, me and 5 of my favorite friends.  We went to Pebble Beach and you were the most perfect little baby the entire weekend.  You hardly made a peep on the 4+ hour ride, and then all weekend, you were either happily laying and kicking on a blanket, being fed, or wrapped up sleeping.  We hardly noticed that you were there.

You have started to talk a lot, and your voice is so cute.  You ooh, ahh, coo and gurgle.  Mommy and Daddy can make you almost smile on cue with a big open mouth grin.

We think that your eyes might stay dark, and that’s fun.  Maybe you’ll have dark brown eyes like Mommy!  Either way, I do love looking into them a lot!

You have found your hands, and you put them all over your face.  Since your nails grow so fast, you scratch yourself from time to time.  For this reason, when you’re sleeping at night, you’re all swaddled up, well, that, and you stay sleeping that way too.  You amaze me at how good of a sleeper you are.  I’ve started to put you down for night at the same time as your brother, and it’s working really well.  I feed you, get you in some jammies, and then wrap you up nice and tight and lay you down in your co-sleeper.  The first time that I did it, I snuggled you for a little while, rocked you a bit, gave you way too many kisses, and then laid you down while you were still a little bit awake.  I was totally shocked as I watched you on the video monitor, fall asleep all on your own, without any fuss or noise.  This was a new thing for this mommy, and it’s been very nice.  Thank you for that, Blake.  🙂

You’re SO strong, buddy!  You’ve been able to hold up your neck pretty well since the day you were born, and you’ve just continued to get stronger since then.  You like to stand and stretch our your legs, and bounce on them too.  When we lay you on your tummy, you stretch up your neck so high like a turtle and you look so cute doing it!

Your brother is still your biggest fan (besides Mommy that is), always checking on you, yelling your name, asking where you are, giving you lots of kisses and toys too.  Daddy thinks you’re pretty awesome too, especially when you give him big smiles!

Blake, you’re drooling….a LOT….already, and you put your hands in your mouth if you can find it too.  I am a little nervous that means that you’re going to get teeth early, but we’ll wait and see what happens.  For now, I just love your little gummy grin.

You make this mommy a happy lady, and I love you each and every day for it.

Mommy loves you SOOOO much, Blake!!


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  1. Grandma Betty says:

    He is so serious most of the time with that famous Bollman wrinkled brow. Brett, Burke and now Blake all have/had it and everyone notices it and recognizes it. His expressions as he “talks” are just so cute. Some of those pics would make such a good caption calendar. You could use some of his #365Blake pics and come up with a doozie! The quilt is so bright and cute. That orange and the polka dots just stand out and look so cheery! Happy three months our little “Blakeman.” I am getting hungry to hold you and see ALL of you soon!!