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We got the keys to our new house today.  We have a HOME and we couldn’t be more excited to live here and raise our family as {permanent} Santa Barbara residents!  Woohoo! We’ll have to take a picture like this each year (mental note to remember to do that) to watch how our family grows, […]

“my turn, my picture”

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We are loving taking Blake’s pictures for the 52 week project.  It’s been fun each week trying to figure out what I’m going to use for his picture, and finding that I have more things that I thought I did. I cannot believe that it has already been 16 weeks!!  He is getting cuter, more […]

Memorial Day 2013 :: Camping at Lake Lopez

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After a few day of planning (on my part) and then a little packing (cramming everything into the van), we were on our way for the weekend to Lake Lopez with 8 other families (19 adults and 20 kids total) for some Memorial Day 2013 camping! Stacy organized us all and got us campgrounds at […]

behind the scenes

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Being on top of taking the picture of Blake each week isn’t my strong suit, especially since his new week is on a Wednesday.  With Burke it was on Sunday, so it was easy to remember on a day of rest.  It’s usually the end of the day when I finally remember to get on […]

A Baby Quilt for Aria Grace

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Like I mentioned a few posts ago, I had a few baby girl quilts to make for new babies.  I had made these large HSTs for the first baby girl quilt and was excited about putting them together for another one. This quilt was made for Marisa and her baby girl.  Big brother Kiah is […]

108 candles

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It was such a fun time with great memories made in Vegas this weekend.  We got in SUPER late on Friday night so the first time we got to hang out with everyone was Saturday morning.  Autie and Loralyn came over as soon as they could to visit with the boys.  Autie got her hands […]

My Boys

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Oh, what a fun Thursday!  We went out to meet our PEP group friends at a park in Carpinteria this morning.  Most of them rode the train out there from SB, but I wasn’t up for doing that with both the boys that early this morning…so we just met them at the park.  What a […]

A Quilt for Baby Boy Challen

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When Betsy told me she was pregnant earlier this year, I couldn’t have been more excited for her family.  And then, when she announced that baby #4 was a BOY, I squealed….out of sheer excitement, and a tad bit of jealousy!   I kind of really love the idea of having 4 boys.  🙂 Henry, […]

Mother’s Day 2013

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Can’t believe it’s been another year already.  This is my 3rd Mother’s Day with Burke and now I get to celebrate with TWO little wonderful boys.  It’s crazy how these yearly events really show how much the little ones grow.  Looking back at last year, Burke was just one and seems so little compared to […]

Dear Blake,

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Dear Blake, You turned three months today.  While it did go faster than I’d like it to, this last month with you in our family was super fun.  You’re a very chill baby, but I guess that is how many second children are/have to be.  We don’t really have any kind of schedule, other than […]