Mommy, Daddy, Burke + Belly Bump by Annemarie

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In the spirit of my last post, in order to not gloss over, or forget this pregnancy’s bump, I asked Brett if he’d be up for taking some maternity pics as a family so BBB2 could be highlighted as Burke was when he was in utero.  Lucky for us, our wonderful friend (and photographer extraordinaire) Emily was up for the occasion too!  Little did she know how difficult it might be with Burke at the age he is right now.  She was a good sport and we ended up with some pretty fun photos to remember this time in our lives.

It was a good thing we did it when we did, as I am 38 weeks and 1 day along in these pics.  Who knows how much longer he’ll stay in there?  It turned out to be a pretty nice morning and we stumbled upon Rocky Nook Park and found some spots that weren’t too wet from the last few days of rain.

This was one of the only ones where we got Burke to smile.  Isn’t he just the cutest?  Oh, how I love our little family of three….soon to be FOUR!  Yeesh!  I can’t believe that day is so close!

Burke, I’m sure, has really no true concept of what’s going to happen when my bump is gone, but he does know where the baby is, and also knows that it is “baby brubber” in there.  Lucky for us though, since he’s the only one besides me and Brett that knows what his brother’s name is going to be.  Heehee.  Family secrets.  🙂

Awww, we love Daddy!

Daddy was able to bribe Burke for some smiles by promising him some throwing.  Look at how HAPPY this little man is by being thrown several feet in the air!

A quick outfit change, and we spent a little bit of time at the Santa Barbara Mission.  Emily and I both have a love for neat doors, and I just love these fun ones that she got of me, and all my belly glory, in front of this awesome one.

I am so lucky to be able to share this crazy parenting thing with Brett.

The one that made us parents for the first time.  We love this little guy to the end of the earth!

“Where’s your brother?”.  Clearly this was after we took away the iPhone that was playing Cars on it moments earlier.  🙂

Yeah, he didn’t really get happy again after that….but we tried for just a few more shots.

Thank you so much to Emily for spending time with our family and capturing some wonderful moments that we’ll not forget.  Little BBB2 can’t wait to come into this world and meet you ALL very soon!!

* All photos taken by Emily of ethreeit, edited by yours truly.

6 Responses to “Mommy, Daddy, Burke + Belly Bump”

  1. Autie says:

    Great time in your lives captured.
    Love the extra photos not featured on FB.

  2. Mom says:

    Beautiful photographs of y’all. Enjoy these last few days of threedom.

  3. Taylor says:

    Love all the pics! Love the trees in the background too!
    The last one of Brett makes him look like a soap opera star!!
    Love the last one of you too.. just a simple silhouette
    love the one of Burke being thrown in the air!
    I want some of these to frame!!! PLEASE!

  4. Marisa says:

    beautiful shots! nice job emily 🙂 and i love the one of burke crying pointing at your belly…kiah would have done the same exact thing had he been watching “maymay” and it been taken away! boys…

  5. Lila's mommy says:

    I love all of these! What a beautiful family! Rocky nook park is so lovely. Love from texas

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