Lamar Ladies in SB by Annemarie

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Autie and Loralyn came in to visit us and we had such a great time!!  They got in late on Friday night, and so Saturday morning was the first time that the cousins finally got to see each other.

It was a fun morning of hanging out on the couch watching some cartoons while waiting for breakfast to be served.  Loralyn also shared some of her awesome reading skills and entertained Burke’s request.

Autie took the kids to the zoo while Mommy ran a few errands.  They played, saw the animals AND got to ride the train.  What a fun morning!

After Burke’s nap, Loralyn asked to go to the beach.  Turns out that this was a super fun activity and everyone had a nice time.  The kids played, Autie and I watched, and all the sand came off pretty easily thanks to baby powder. 🙂

Burke’s new thing, not sure where it came from exactly, is to swim in the sand.  He plopped down and had such a great time just rolling all around in it!

Such a sweet time at the beach with these kids.  By the time we were ready to head home, it was way too late to start making dinner, so it turned into a Habit night and that was just what we all needed!

Loralyn brought her Thomas the Train set with her and it kept Burke entertained for quite some time.  He really loved it.  When he concentrates really hard he opens his mouth.  You can see that he was really into taking them over the bridge.

The next morning we all went to church and had yummy pizza at Giovanni’s afterwards.  When Burke woke up from his nap, Loralyn and Brett were playing ole school Nintendo.  Burke jumped right up and had himself some fun with a(n unplugged) controller too!

We got them all to put away the game so we could spend some more time outdoors before the sun went down.  We headed over to Chase Palm Park and discovered what all the hype was about.  A super fun playground for all!

What cuties!

I love that he will hold my hand.  My sweet little man.

Some more fun shots from the afternoon at the park.

We had such a wonderful time with Autie and Loralyn visiting and love that we got this fun family shot.

Since Monday was a holiday, they got to stay and hang out for a bit before taking off for home.  Autie took them to the Hidden Valley Park where they had a lot of more fun.  Mommy got to get a few more things done while they were gone before they came back and we all ate lunch.

It was really nice to have them both here and we can’t wait until they get to come back really soon when BBB comes!!

3 Responses to “Lamar Ladies in SB”

  1. Autie says:

    Glad we got to come.
    I like how the family picture turned out.
    When we come back hopefully we can have one with Rob and Blake too.

  2. Autie says:

    I thought that title sounded familiar 🙂
    I looked back and that was the title for our August visit post too.
    If I could remember when we were there the time before I’d check that one as well.
    Hehe! Just made me smile. I’m determined to get a Lamar Family in SB post soon.

  3. Autie says:

    I remembered when we were there before that and checked the posts.
    It was for Burke’s 1st birthday.
    Good times, and Rob was there.