Dear Burke, by Annemarie

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Dear Burke,

20 months….you hit 20 months.  You are turning into such a little person, and it makes me and Daddy so happy each and every day.  You keep amazing us each of those days with all the new things that you do.

You’ve had a few hats already, and surprisingly, you do like to wear them.  You’ll even put them on by yourself.  Daddy showed you how to put one on properly, and you have mastered the copy cat of him.  You start by putting it on top, and then taking one hand and using it to push it down in the back.  It’s simply adorable….but not as much as you look with one of them on.

When we wake up in the morning, you still get to come in and snuggle with us for as long as you’ll lay still.  When you decide it’s time to get out and go downstairs, you bring whatever it is that we need to us so we’ll get a move on it.  You bring me my jammie pants, and then come and unplug the phone and hand it to me.  This cracks me up but is super helpful. Thank you! 🙂

Your manners are quite polished.  You have started to say thank you, “hank you”, in the appropriate times, and sometimes, all by yourself.  It makes me smile that you’re such a sweet little man.

You are recognizing more and more all the time, and you get a kick out of sharing that with us.  You point to things, people, and tell us what they are.  Mommy’s favorite color is yellow, and you get super excited when you see something yellow and say it really loud – YELLOW!

You have taken a liking to Elmo, even though you’ve only been introduced to him by one book, and your diapers, but you point him out wherever you see him – like on the helium balloon at the VONS checkout – and can tell us how he sings – lalalala – and laughs – hahaha.

You love to play catch in the living room with all your different balls.  You’ll hand me or Daddy the baseball glove and throw any of the balls to us to catch.  You also know what it means to catch and will put your hands together to do so. Daddy even showed you how to pitch and you imitate him by lifting one leg before throwing.

Breakfasts  are a lot of fun with you little buddy.  Most of the time I don’t even really have to think about what to feed you because you tell me.  You point to the top cabinet in the pantry where the “bee” cereal is, and tell me that you want Cheerios.  I did have to swap out the bag of regular Cheerios and put it in the Honey Nut Cheerio box to fool you though.  Sneaky Mommy.  When I started to eat my fried eggs one morning, you surprised me by wanting some too.  Now I make you your own and you love them.

You’ve caught on that I take my iron pills in the morning with breakfast, and one morning you made a sweeping motion with your hand over your mouth to me.  When I realized that you were imitating the action of me taking the pills, it was so funny.  You also know that I take them with orange juice, and the way you say that is simply charming too.  You also love that I give you the last sip of my OJ when I’m all done.

When you sneeze, you say “achooo” afterwards….but it’s more like it’s growled like an old man.  We have to figure out how to be ready to get this one on video because it’s awesome.  You also get this really weird voice when you have to repeat “Mommy” or “Papa” too many times.  We’re not really sure how to categorize it right now, but it’s pretty growly too.  Speaking of things you do after other actions, Daddy taught you how to say “I just tooted”, or more like “I too too!” after you do.  It’s helpful that it’s so cute because your toots aren’t always the most pleasant smelling.

You’ve started to put thoughts together and are making some sentences.  Most of these sentences have to do with something being “nigh nigh”.  Your vocabulary expands every day and so does what you remember.  It’s incredible.  Just a few weeks ago you would struggle quite a bit with the wooden puzzles that so many of your friends have, but you got some for Christmas and by the end of the day, you mastered them.  We love to watch you learn.

This is most likely the last month that it’ll be just you and me, Burke.  I’m starting to get a little sad about that, but I know that I’m just going to love seeing you as a big brother and watching all the ways that you’ll teach him everything that you’ve already learned already.

I love you Burke!!


4 Responses to “Dear Burke,”

  1. Mom says:

    Getting to be such a big boy! He’s going to be a great big brother. Love you, Burke.

  2. Mom Bollman says:

    That strut in the last two pictures says everything about his confidence and “world.” Watching him grow has been an incredible joy over the last 20 months, but now we get to watch a whole new phase, and a new little one learning all those same things. Love it!

  3. Laura says:

    Love love love!!!! What a wonderfully sweet letter!