Breakfast Date and PEPster Fun at East Beach by Annemarie

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Our PEP group was meeting at the East Beach playground this morning, so I thought it’d be fun for me and Burke to have a breakfast date at the East Beach Grill beforehand.

We dined on pancakes, eggs and bacon….and tried to get it all eaten before the birds took it from us.  One of them came straight at our plates as soon as the waitress dropped it at our table!  It was quite the scene.

He was the perfect date, ate so well with his fork, and was so well mannered that I don’t think anyone even noticed he was there.  I thought that was quite deserving of me sharing my last piece of bacon with him.  Lucky little guy.

Not too many more opportunities of it being just me and Burke so we definitely took our time and enjoyed the morning grub and scene.

After we were finished eating, we walked over and joined our friends at the playground.  This was our first time to play here and it was actually quite lovely.  The large open space with lots of sand was perfect, and all of the kids seemed to love it.  It’s so fun to see them all getting bigger and more capable and having real fun playing together.

Madilynn will always be one of his favorites…..she was after all the first PEP baby friend he met and they’ve spent quite some time together.  Burke LOVES to give hugs and doesn’t really have to be coerced to hand one out to M.  🙂

He also loves to hold hands.  Luckily Madilynn was up for this sign of affection too.

They really did have quite a fun time just hanging out in the sand together.  I love how you can see that she’s doing something to make him laugh in the pic on the right.


Not hard to tell why she’s one of his favorites.  Madilynn is a super cutie pie….and so sweet too!

Ah, to be a Santa Barbara (not so much anymore) Baby at the beach.

And yes, he’s totally sweet, but still a kid, and a boy.  Throwing sand was probably his favorite thing to do while having a blast at the beach.  So happy to have had such a lovely weather day with our PEP friends!

2 Responses to “Breakfast Date and PEPster Fun at East Beach”

  1. Autie says:

    Cuties is right.

  2. Mom Bollman says:

    I adore that picture of the three kids sitting on the beach! I love it! I agree that pic where Madilynn is making Burke laugh is a kick! You had a glorious day 🙂