Another Day in the Life of Burke by Annemarie

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Turns out that I took quite a few pictures of my little cute man today, and it was a fun day….so I wanted to share our Wednesday.

Burke has really been such a great helper, and loves to be of assistance in the kitchen.  He understands the concept of drying a wet dish, and wanted to help this morning.  He dried the skillets and even put them back.   He was so proud of himself.

He wasn’t done being helpful so I turned putting the silverware away into an activity of matching.  We pulled up his chair and he put all the silverware in the right spot.

We went to meet up with some of our PEP friends at Girish Park and it actually turned out to be a nice day.  I was definitely overdressed with too many layers based on the weather report from the iPhone.   These blondies were so much fun!

We needed to make a return at Costco, and when we first walked up, Burke pointed to the people sitting at the tables outside and said “lunch”….so we decided to join them.  Hot dog and pizza it was.  He had a few bites of both and it was another fun Mommy and son date.

He fell asleep pretty quick but woke up early due to it being a little too warm, so we got some after nap snuggles in today.  Love these times.

But “mo-mo” stole the attention not too shortly afterward.  It’s sweet to see how they’ve gotten so much more used to each other each day.

Burke then noticed the box with the sleepsacks for the baby and got curious.  So, we opened the box and took a look.  He pointed out the stars and the moon.

Then we decided to see what these things were all about.  Burke never used a sleep sack, so we decided to try it on.  Of course, it’s sized for up to 18 pounds, so it was a teeny bit small.  Ha.  He didn’t like very much that his legs were all pushed up in there and that he couldn’t do anything about moving.  Quite funny.

We then tried one of the other swaddler blankets out with Apple Bear (one of Brett’s stuffed animals from when he was little).  He was so sweet, gave the bear a hug, patted his back, and then put him down “nigh nigh” in his crib.

We checked the mail and a new Sports Illustrated showed up.  Burke was so excited and pointed out immediately “ockey” on the front top corner.

Chloe came over to hang out for a bit while Hadley got her 1st haircut and Burke was excited to show her the pages of the newest SI.

While Mommy fixed dinner, Daddy and Burke raced around Lightening (McQueen) on the masking tape track.

I asked Burke if he wanted to bath and he was all ready to help get it all setup.  He pulls out the tub and knows where it goes.  He helped put it in the tub and was ready to turn on the water.

He also knows to go in and get the stool and put it by the tub.  He did this a week or so ago without any prompting and it was so adorable.

He definitely loves a good routine and after a while of playing, he picked up the soap to wash.  He is such a good little boy.

Last but not least for the day, brushing teeth, getting in the “balls” jammies, reading a book and then “nigh nigh” prayers.

I just cherish each day with my number one little man.  I want to capture these to be able to look back one day and experience the JOY all over again.

2 Responses to “Another Day in the Life of Burke”

  1. Marisa says:

    isn’t it crazy how much they know routines? i am continually surprised by things kiah says just because we do something routine! how fun :). definitely know you are enjoying these days before another little one sucks up most of your time and attention!

  2. Mom Bollman says:

    I’m glad you are taking these pictures, because time really does dim our memories. These pictures will be priceless memories of your precious “first” son. Soon the challenge will be to take enough pictures of your “second” son so that he doesn’t ask 15 years down the road……”Why are there so many pictures of Burke? You hardly have any pictures of me?” Ha!