DIY Christmas ’12 by Annemarie

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Now that Christmas has passed, and everyone has gotten their gifts…..I wanted to recap the things I made this year.  It was another DIY Christmas around these parts….and I got mostly everything done in time.  There were a few people…namely the men and teenage boys, that I just couldn’t come up with anything good for, so unfortunately, they went without, but I did have a good time making gifts for the people we love this year.

For a few weeks time, it looked like Santa’s Sewing Workshop on my table upstairs….without any little helper elves around to make things go faster! 🙂

I made a extra large shoulder bag version of Made by Rae’s Buttercup Bag for my mom.  It was my first time using magnetic snaps, and I am happy to report that it was super easy!

I made coordinating Mommy and Daughter purses for Autie and Loralyn.  Both adaptations of the same Buttercup Bag.

I even had some time to get in some sewing for the MOPS Raffle.  I made another little girl purse and some reversible placemats.  I really wanted to keep the placemats for myself, but decided in the end to go ahead and bring them for the raffle.  Well, since I liked them so much, I put a few of my raffle tickets in that bag.  Funny story….I won them! 🙂

I had a fun time making some composition journal covers for the kids in TX based on this tutorial, and some matching pencil cases too.

I dug through my scraps to see if I had enough fabric to put together one for myself…and I did!  Voila!  I love it. 🙂

Taylor made it easy on me by requesting some cases for their iPad and Nook.  I loved the fabric that I used to make Emily’s bag and thought that it’d be cute for her cases too.  I was right.  I love the way that these two coordinating items turned out.  I used the same tutorial I have in the past from Lella Boutique and I love how easy these come together.

When I asked Erika if she had a sleeve for her laptop and she said no, I knew I wanted to make her one too.  This fabric was from a funky line of fat quarters that I picked up at a fabric garage sale and I had so much fun putting them together for her sleeve.

When we were in TX last month, I snagged the leftover scraps from the quilt we made for my Mom and Dad’s bed back in May with the intention to make a matching pillow for them.  I really liked the pattern that I used last year on my Mom’s pillow from Christmas 2011, so I did something similar with these fabrics.

A few last minute projects that came out of this Christmas too were some funky pot holders for my Dad – I think they’d be perfect for any future camping trips he takes….a pillow for Betty to go with hers from last year for their upcoming guest room remodel…..and a fun little bowtie for Terry (I just really wanted to try to make one of these – I doubt he’ll ever wear it – ha!).

I also made a fun wall hanging for Betty to go with the room decor with the similar pattern to my Mom’s pillow, but forgot to get a snapshot of it.  Maybe I’ll get one once it’s framed. 🙂

I totally stressed myself out for way too long this November and December trying to be sure I had enough time to make everything that I wanted and get things in the mail to be shipped…but it wall worked out.  I had a lovely time but I think I’m ready for a break.  Good thing I have this little project coming up soon that should take up enough of my time so I’m not constantly thinking of what I want to/have to make next.  Heehee.  Although…I do want to make a quilt for BBB#2, but we’ll see if that gets done before he arrives.

4 Responses to “DIY Christmas ’12”

  1. Roz Simpson says:

    So proud of you. Your fabric selections & sewing/quilting techniques are wonderful. So glad you enjoy it!

  2. Mom Bollman says:

    I can’t tell you how much I love the new pillow cover and wall hanging you made for me. It was a custom order and I was thrilled to see it come together and put it in the room as I envision it! After Baby Bollman#2 arrives, we plan to put our guest room plan together and show off your handiwork!! Love it!!!

  3. Mom Bollman says:

    I can’t believe you got all that done before Christmas. You are just a dynamo!! I agree that your talent for fabric selection and style is just awesome!!

  4. Erika says:

    He will wear it! =)