Ma & Pa in Santa Barbara! by Annemarie

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Betty and Bruce got in real late on Thursday night to spend a few days visiting with their favorite Californian grandson, and his parents of course too! Burke’s been so spoiled with having his grandparents visiting this month – lucky boy!

On Friday night we ate a quick dinner and made it over to the Westmont Women’s Basketball game, to support our friend Kirsten in her first home game.  This was Burke’s second time to the Warrior stadium, and he loved it this time.  There were a few other little ones there too, Burke’s dinner club friends – Abby and Alexis – also enjoyed the game!

Burke had a great time hanging out in the top row, walking back and forth, playing with the seats, entertaining Ma and Pa.

When the game was over, he wanted to try to shoot the baskets, but unfortunately, it was taller than what he was used to….he even found the closet holding all the balls to try!  Brett got this super cute shot of him on the court.  If he wants to be a future Warrior, we need to up the savings now.  Who knows what Westmont will cost us in 17 years! 🙂

It was  a beautiful Saturday, so we all ventured out to the zoo.

Gotta say, it’s always nice when people come to visit Burke, he gets pushed by others, picked up by everyone, and generally spoiled rotten.  🙂

It’s no wonder why…..

Brett, Ma and Pa took Burke on the train ride.  He LOVES the train ride….saying “choo choo” the whole time.

We spent the rest of the time playing in the play area, and then watching Duncan the Dinosaur for a little bit, before taking off so we could make it to lunch before it was naptime.  So funny that we didn’t even go see any of the animals on this zoo visit.  Nice to be a member and not feel bad about that part! 🙂

On Sunday after church, while Daddy helped teardown, we went to grab some lunch at Giovanni’s.  Burke and Pa had fun playing the racing game.  Burke actually got to try his hand at a real game, and while he didn’t do too much worse than Mommy, he won’t be getting his hand on any real driving anytime soon – phew!

Burke came down after his nap and requested peanuts for a snack.  He mastered the whole, “one for you, one for me” thing.  So cute.

Before Ma and Pa took off on Tuesday morning, Brett and I took advantage of them being there, and got out early to vote without Burke. It didn’t take that long, only about 10 minutes, so we decided to go grab a quick Starbucks after. As we sat there for a few moments by ourselves, we realized how long it’d been since we’d done that…and how we do need to do that more often.

We were so happy to have Ma and Pa visit and stay with us for a few days. Just as when my parents came, it’s so wonderful to see them have fun and interact with Burke. He’s so lucky to have 4 grandparents that love him so much. I also loved having Betty around as she’s also so wonderful to help me out with the little things around the house – which is such a gift to me! 🙂

2 Responses to “Ma & Pa in Santa Barbara!”

  1. Mom says:

    Nice photos of Burke with Betty and Bruce. Don’t we all just LOVE that little fella!

  2. Marisa says:

    so fun! seriously jealous of your sunshine – we can’t do anything outside these days! 🙁