Hanging with the Family back in Katy by Annemarie

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We got back to Katy on Tuesday afternoon, and not too long after, Erika and the cousins came over to see us.  We didn’t get to see them when we made it into town, and they were anxious to see “Burkey”.

Erika brought over their train toys and Burke had a great time playing with them on the table.  Papa Sneed got into the spirit too and brought out his own train for us to look at.  The kids took Burke upstairs to play also, and he really did have such a great time hanging out with all of them.

The girls read him a story before it was time to go to bed.

Wednesday morning we had plans to meet Erika and the gang at the zoo, but we had to stop off and drop off Grandma’s Z at the shop before.   Burke took the keys and almost got to take the ride out for a spin.

After that, we still had a little bit of time to kill, so I found the nearest Shipley Donuts to knock another TX favorite off the food list.  When the lady behind the counter spotted Burke, she handed him his very own bag of (a dozen!) donut holes.  He rather enjoyed them, and didn’t want to share.

We all made it to the parking lot at the same time, and the cousins all wanted to take turns pushing Burke.

I really liked the elephant exhibit.  There were so many, you could get up close and personal, AND there were cute little (well, not so little) baby elephants too!

There were a LOT of different kinds of monkeys too!  We had made the mistake of letting Burke out of the stroller in the monkey area, because after that, he wanted to be the one to push it, and not get back in!  Oops!

This kid loves water……and water fountains too!

I think my favorite part of the zoo was the area that had a LOT of giraffes, some zebras, and I think there were some ostrich in there as well.  The baby giraffe was so cute!

Right next to that was the carousel.  It was getting close to lunch, and therefore Burke’s nap, but we had a LOT of tickets to use, so we took about 5 turns on the ride!  Burke really had a good time and got to ride a whole cast of characters.

We stretched him a little more to go check out the otters and their surrounding habitat.

Captain Burke!

We didn’t get to see all of the HUMUNGOUS zoo, but maybe next time. We made it out as Burke was getting super tired, ate a picnic lunch on the grass near the cars, and proceeded to head home!

It was a super fun day at the Zoo with the Waldorfs!! Looking forward to seeing everyone again tomorrow for the big Thanksgiving feast and celebration!

2 Responses to “Hanging with the Family back in Katy”

  1. Mom says:

    We did have fun ‘hanging’ ; )

  2. Mom Bollman says:

    A wonderful day! Looked like a great experience – showed Burke a different zoo.