Dear Burke, by Annemarie

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Dear Burke,

Well, I knew it would happen.  You turned 18 months.  It seems like such a milestone….one and a half years.  You’re now on your way to being closer to two than a baby.  I’ve been looking back at pictures from a year ago, and I can’t believe how much you’ve changed.  It’s all happened right before my eyes, but still.  You were so little, yet so chunky and big, and now you’re a little boy.  Seems like it just went by so fast.

You’ve been in your new big boy car seat for a month now, and although it didn’t really seem to matter that much to you, it is nice for Mommy to be able to see you much easier, and you seem to like the new ride.  You mastered the middle buckle, fastening it that is.  I sure hope you don’t figure out how to open it anytime soon by yourself!

Bend your knees……and JUMP!  is one of your tricks that you mastered to go with your Halloween costume.  This year you were an Olympic gymnast, and the cutest one ever.  You raised your hands in the air after your trick and say “Ta-Da!”.  So proud!

Daddy introduced the iPad to you and we thought we’d see how you do with the Matching Game.  Well, you surprised the heck out of us by actually being able to do it. You’ve now moved onto puzzles too and you get so happy when you get it right.  You amaze us with how quickly you pick up on new things, but not so much with the fits you throw once it’s time to take it away.

Things that you LOVE right now are:  balls….any kind : basketball, baseball, football, soccer ball, tennis ball, etc, etc, the moon (boon), books, being read books, animals, trucks, tractors, Winnie the Pooh – your stuffed one AND the movie, and babies.

You got a hold of a Sports Illustrated earlier this month and now one of your pastimes is to sit and flip through the pages, search for, and point out, all the balls.  It’s adorable, and thank goodness a new one comes every week!  You also love to watch football and baseball on TV.  Sometimes you just come into the living room, point at the TV, and shout “fboob-ball”.

You have a pretty big arsenal of sounds that you can make now, and it’s fun to run through them with you : cow, horse, pig, cat, dog, helicopter, car, race car, tractor, rooster, train, ambulance, fire truck, Elmo, and Tigger.

You’re starting to take steps like a big boy, but still listen when we tell you “feet first” on big ones.  You love to run off the stair into the living room.  You do take quite a few tumbles still, but mostly you bonk your poor forehead into almost everything.  Daddy thinks you are going to have a permanent bonk there with all your knocks.

Burke, one day, you’ll stop playing with Mommy’s hair, but you still love it.  When you wake up and join us in the morning, you aren’t happy unless you have your arms wrapped around my neck and one hand in my hair.  You’ve also started to twirl your own hair with one finger – it’s pretty funny and cute.

You are still pretty much hating sharing, unless it’s food.  You’re pretty good at giving other people a little taste of what you’re having, and ALWAYS want a taste of what anyone else is enjoying….no matter what it is!

While you say NO to most things, you are seeming to understand more and more, and come back with a very exuberant “YEAH!” as an answer to some questions and it’s so fun.  I can’t believe that you really are 18 months old now, but like always, we are loving watching you show us all the new things that you are capable of!

I love you more and more every day!


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    Great letter and pictures!