{another} 24 Hours in ATX by Annemarie

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Lucky for Mommy and Daddy, Burke slept in a bit due to the time change, and way late bedtime.  He got himself reacquainted with Clyde first thing.  Not so sure that Clyde was all that excited about the reunion, but Burke was giddy.  He looked for the “mauw mauw” and gave him lots of love and kisses too!

We planned to spend about 24 hours in Austin at the start of our TX visit, so we were off on the road around lunch.  It was another chance to get some of the yummy food that we don’t have in SB, so we stopped for lunch at Chic-fil-A on the way out of town.  The “plan” for this short road trip was to have him nap after some food in the car on the drive there.  Well, he got a short nap in, and then we arrived at Tara’s house in the early afternoon.

It was so lovely to see Tara, catch up with her, and have Burke and Kaia play.  They did so great together.  Burke actually shared – I think Kaia was a good influence!  After Tara was finished doing some snipping on my hair (she’s a miracle worker), she snipped a little of Burke’s too.  He stayed perfectly still with the lure of the sucker.  Kaia had one too, and they “cheers”ed them.  Kids are so cute.

She really was such a sweet little girl, and it was really nice to just allow them to run around and play in the backyard together.

We got to hang out with Ryder for a bit too, although he was such a quiet little guy, that we barely even realized he was awake once he got up from his nap.  It was so nice to visit with Tara and her sweet little ones for a bit in Austin!

After Brett finished up a work Skype call, we headed north to meet up with two other special families and their little ones.  I knew we’d only be in Austin for a super short visit, so I tried not to overload the time with too much for all of us.  So, I knew that meant that we wouldn’t get to see everyone this trip.  Sad face.

We met up with the Arredondo and Hurst families for dinner.  We were the only people on the indoor patio, which worked out well since it was a great space for ALL of the little ones to run around as they wished.  The kids had a fun time while the adults had a nice time chatting and catching up. 🙂

It was so nice to get some time to sit down, and relax with some of my favorite Texas girls.  Miss them so!

I had some fun making a few sewing treats for Ava and her 3 sisters before I left.  I didn’t get to snap a pic of them back in SB, so I had to get an iPhone shot of the goods.  Ava liked her purse, and the triplets’ bags turned out pretty cute too!

Back at Nae’s house, Weston and Burke stayed up past their bedtime and had a blast doing it!  They were both in their monkey jammies and jumping around like them too!  Love these little boys!!  So fun that they’re both about to be BIG brothers soon too!  Weston’s little sister is due in January and I can’t wait to meet her!!

The boys got right back to playing again in the morning.  Weston had a lot of super fun toys that Burke loved to check out…..especially all the cars and trucks!

After breakfast (Taco Deli for the adults – yum, yum!), Burke got to learn about PlayDoh for the first time.  Burke got a lot of giggles out of this experience.  The boys got dressed and donned their baseball hats.  Two peas in a pod, these two.

Here’s a little video of the boys with the PlayDoh!

After saying our goodbyes, we headed down south to visit with our SB-back-to-TX transplants, Ashley and Lila.  Lila and Burke had some fun exploring the playground, and then throwing balls and drawing with chalk in the tennis courts.

I was so glad to be able to squeeze in a fast park visit with these two.  We have missed them so in SB!

We stopped at another Austin favorite and had lunch at ThunderCloud Subs before making our way back to Katy.

Another SUPER fast trip in Austin, and although we didn’t get to see everyone we would have wanted, it was a blessing to be able to visit with the loved ones we did.  Next time we’ll be a family of four and will plan on making a longer stay to see everyone!

3 Responses to “{another} 24 Hours in ATX”

  1. Mom says:

    OMG, all those babies are growing up so fast. Adorable and Handsome!

  2. Laura says:

    We had such a good time! It was so great to see you all!!!! The girls absolutely LOVE their purses!!! Can’t go anywhere without them, including bed!! LOL! Thank you!!! Miss you!!!

  3. Mom Bollman says:

    What adorable little ones. It’s been a year since we’ve seen pictures of them and they have grown so much! Burke was in seventh heaven with new toys, old friends and so much fun! Glad you got to see old friends. Keeping in touch makes friendships last and become so dear!