Trick or Treat

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We hadn’t planned anything really big for the actual day of Halloween, but Dayna and I chatted about it on Tuesday night and thought that it might be fun to take the kids over to La Cumbre Plaza where the kids can Trick or Treat at some of the stores. Burke was a little nervous […]

A Baby Quilt for John

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I started to think about a quilt for John before he was born, but never got around to it….I started to think about it too late and didn’t have any ideas.  Well, when I got the shower invitation a week or so ago to bless Marissa and John after he was born…I knew I had […]

The stuff that Westmont “Legends” are made of…

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This is how our morning started.  Burke wakes up around 7am these days, and then asks to get in bed with us.  Usually he just lays there and plays with my hair the entire time to where I can’t get back to sleep, but this morning, he rested again, so we got to snooze until […]

The best part of TX in SB :: Grandma & Papa Sneed!

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Grandma and Papa Sneed were in San Diego for a car convention meeting, and so it worked out perfect for them to stop in and visit with their favorite Californian grandson for a few days before traveling home. They arrived on Sunday right around dinner time, and since Mommy didn’t feel like cooking….In ‘N Out […]

Lane Farms 2012 :: Pumpkins, Hay and Tractors

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We ventured out to Lane Farms Pumpkin Patch this afternoon with the O’Neils and Jen, Ethan and Liam.  It was the perfect weather…the first chilly day of the fall.  Sweaters, scarves, boots…yup, that kind of weather….kind of like it was last year when we visited.  It was wonderful! It’s fun to think how all of […]

A Quilt for Kirsti and “Baby P” #2

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A few weeks ago I popped into the local Craft Essentials for a quick return, and found myself searching through the fabric section…you know, just to see what was there, of course. I spotted a cute cartoonish animal print and checked it out. I showed it to Burke and he was a fan as well, […]

TA-DA! Burke’s 1st Halloween Party 2012

Posted in: Us- Oct 12, 2012 3 Comments

One of our PEP mammas hosted, and we attended, our first Halloween party of the season.  Here in lies a dilemma.  From a Mommy who never really got into the dressing up thing, what in the world is Burke going to be? Well, one morning, I had put his sweatpants on him, and it reminded […]

Big Wave Dave’s – First Pumpkin Patch Visit of 2012

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Chrystal, our lovely Publicity and Event Coordinator for MOPS, planned a fun outing for our MOPS moms today. We met up at Big Wave Dave’s Pumpkin Patch and had some fun! Burke experienced a bounce house for the first time, and he really liked it.  He even jumped and got both feet in the air once […]

Out with the old….in with the NEW!

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You might recall these pictures from Burke’s first experience in his carseat at 5 days old.  He was so teeny!! This was him, in the same carseat, at 17 months old. I knew you’d want to see those side by side for better comparison.  Crazy how big he is, right?  Also crazy to think that […]

Dear Burke,

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Dear Burke, You’re 17 months old today!  Your last month was filled with lots of new things for us to enjoy together as a family.  At the beginning of the month, when Mommy was at a meeting one night, Daddy started to teach you the animals on your zoo mat.  The next morning, you picked […]