Dear Burke, by Annemarie

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Dear Burke,

15 months. That sounds so big….and well, you are getting to be a big boy. You’re not that much bigger per say, but you seem to be getting older and growing up and acting like a little big boy these days. You have so many fun new “tricks” this month.

One thing that is super adorable is when you wake up in the morning, we can say to you, “Put your pacifier in your crib”, and you’ll walk over to it, reach your hand up high over the edge, and drop it in. It makes me smile every time. You are definitely understanding more than you can convey with any words, but you’re also pretty handy with the signs. You try to do the signs for “banana”, you’ve picked up “diaper change” and are close on “potty” (although you don’t know what that means). You’ve also showed us “thank you” a few times but not consistently yet.

You have all the teeth that we think (and hope) you’re going to get for quite some time. There are 16 of them in your little mouth. All the more to chomp on food with my dear. Daddy and I still love to watch you eat….and now you’ve added the spoon to your act. You love to eat cereal in the mornings and can’t wait until all of it is gone so you can pick up the bowl and drink the milk. Most of the time you get the bowl all the way up to your mouth, but sometimes not so much and it dribbles right down your chest. Of course, this makes me laugh too.

You’ve caught on to a few body parts and love to show us that you know. We add in a new one every once in a while….but right now you can point out your nose, ears, teeth, head, belly (button) toes, knees and cheeks. The cheeks one is my favorite as you flash a big smile when do show us. Your favorite though is your toes. I think that is because they go in your shoes.

You LOVE shoes. You picked up on those and that is the first word that you said all on your own. You talk about, pick up, and love to bring them to us to put on your shoes. It’s adorable the way you say it too….”shoooes”.

You have learned how to open some of the doors in the house and would love to be able to open the refrigerator too. You know that is where your milk is stored, and once the door is open, can get it off the shelf, or replace it there for later. You really love milk and we’re getting close to having it fully replace nursing. At the beginning of the month we were still nursing about 4 times a day, but by the end, we were down to just one at bedtime. Not sure how much longer it’s going to last, which makes your Mommy a little sad, but I knew it wouldn’t last forever. You still love to snuggle, and we get lots of that as we are back to napping together every day.

You showed us that you were ready to go “feet first” DOWN the stairs. You use the top railing and step to get yourself turned around and situated, and then you slither all the way down. We’re still not comfortable enough with your skills to have you do it unattended, but it’s nice to know that you have figured out the right method for now!

Daddy taught you how to blow and you giggle so hard when you do it to him and you blow him away! You also associate it with anything that comes out of the microwave. You’re so cute!

It’s getting easier to have you roam a little downstairs while we’re doing other things as you’re pretty mindful to what we say. You know which drawers you’re allowed to get into in the kitchen, but it means that every time I use a cooking utensil it gets an extra rinse. It’s more than likely been in your mouth at some point.

We finally gave you a haircut this month and I am SO glad we did. Your hair looks a million times better than it did. Your curls weren’t curling so much anymore, so it was time. Your new “do” makes you look like a little boy, but the cutest one ever!

We are loving watching you grow up, Burke. You bring Mommy and Daddy more JOY than we could have ever imagined.  Mommy loves you to the moon and back!


2 Responses to “Dear Burke,”

  1. Autie says:

    Precious post. Love him in that shirt. Looking forward to seeing his new tricks in person ūüôā

  2. Grandma Betty says:

    Fifteen months – hardly seems possible. He is such a precious, precocious, little boy! We love you for your monthly log of his growth. You are a wonderful mommy!