Dear Burke, by Annemarie

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Dear Burke,

14 months old. Such a big boy. That you are indeed, too. You astonish me and Daddy almost daily on all the new things you pick up, do and show us that you can do.

You have really picked up on the sign language, which is super helpful as it’s aided in limiting any screaming. You sign “more” when you want something, most of the time food, but sometimes you just do it to let us know that you want. I need to teach you additional signs, because sometimes at breakfast, you are strongly signing “more” to me but I am clueless as to what you want more of! I also taught you please, and your version of it is adorable. Never too early for manners. We’re doing “thank you” too, but you haven’t picked that one up yet. I also decided to teach you “milk”, but that one backfired a little bit since you know that it means both cow’s milk in your cup, and nursing. Oops. 🙂 It makes us smile so big to watch you learn new signs and to be able to communicate with us in this way.

Oh yeah, you’ve turned into a drooler.  Big time.  You do it all the time.  I refuse to put you in a day time bib though to catch it so you end up with some pretty soggy shirts these days.  Doesn’t change your cuteness level, so we’re still good.  It does, however, make for some pretty slobbery kisses.  I still don’t mind that either.  🙂

You are running now. Like, really, running. You have the cutest little jog, but it’s not too fast yet where Mommy can’t keep up with you. Slow down.

You have started to sleep a little better. Our routine, which is mostly predictable, has been working out very nicely for the last few months. You’ve started to associate “time to go night night” with the milk sign and you know it’s time for bed. One night this month you even slept 8 straight hours. It was the longest you’ve ever stayed asleep. It wasn’t repeated, but that was also because you got some more teeth and we went out of town. Oh yeah, you are up to 14 teeth now little boy. Watching you eat is still so fun much for Mommy and Daddy….especially when we tell you to chew, and you do it so dramatically so we can see.

I don’t think that I’ve told you about your catcher’s stance.  Daddy is convinced that you’re going to make a great catcher someday.  You kneel down in this position all the time.  Keep it up while you can, your knees won’t let you do this forever.  Trust me.  🙂

You understand so much more than you’re able to tell us that you do. We can tell you get certain thing…..Tigger, ball, a book, truck, Mommy’s water bottle, whistle….and you go get them and bring them to us. You’re a great listener to asked instructions (when you want to be). You also like to take things to the trash, like your diapers. You have mastered opening the diaper champ, putting in a diaper, and closing it. It’s adorable, and oh so helpful!

One night you surprised us when returning from getting a book, you turned around and sat in Daddy’s lap for him to read it to you. He melted on the spot. You really like this, although, you still only sit still for a few pages and not the entire book yet. One of your favorite books is your dragon book. The last page sings and you repeat the last two notes, perfectly in tune I might add, “da da”. You do this when you read the book, and at other random times during the day. Always in the same key. You also continue to love music, so much that you’ve created your own sign for it. You take both of your hands and bang your chest like a gorilla, to signify that you want Daddy to put on some music so you can drum and dance. Daddy taught you how to dance with your hands in the air, raising the roof, and we love it!

Your fine motor skills are pretty cool. When we go to the park, you entertain yourself by taking the wood chips and putting them through the tiny holes that are in the structure’s landings. It’s pretty amazing to watch you figure these things out and I know that all little tasks like this are going to help you learn other things one day.

You are big enough now to climb up on the couch. You make it up and then make your way right over to the corner and grab the balls from the side table. You’re sneaky, Mister Burke, sneaky, sneaky.

We attached the chair to Daddy’s bike this month, and while you were hesitant at first to don the helmet and hop in, you very quickly decided it was one of your favorite things to do. Now, if we say the word bike, you pat your head, another sign you created on your own, to signify helmet, and you’re ready to go!

You are showing us that you are most definitely pre-wired boy. Of course I know you’re a boy, Burke, but you do so many “boy” things that no one had to show you were so-called labeled as such. You love cars, 4-wheelers, balls, and are fearless. You climb right up to the top of all the playgrounds and love to test out how to get back down, feet first of course, or with your new trick, of holding onto an edge of some sort.

We are loving each new thing that you do, and each new “stage” that we enter together as a family.  We love you more and more each and every day.  We are so blessed to your parents, Burke.

Mommy and Daddy love you SO very much!!




3 Responses to “Dear Burke,”

  1. Autie says:

    All So Great!

  2. Mom says:

    Papa Sneed and I love you so VERY much too!!

  3. Grandma Betty Bollman says:

    You caught that stream of saliva in that first picture of him with his race track. Every new thing is a joy to watch, cherish, and tuck into our memories! As our first grandSON he amazes us with how much we can love him and enjoy his minature “maleness.” Thanks for sharing your thoughts and memories with us.