Cookies for Curls by Annemarie

Posted in: Burke, Us- Jul 19, 2012 6 Comments

Well, it was time….and we did it. We’d been talking about it for a few days, and tonight after dinner, we got the Burkester all prepped for his big first haircut.

Instead of going somewhere to have it done, Burke visited Mom & Pop Barber Shop, right in his own back yard. We enticed him to behave with milk and Oreo cookies.

Here’s a little reminder of why we finally decided it was time. As his hair kept getting longer, the curls didn’t curl so much, and so he was beginning to have a mess of a (hair)do!

The first snip came off pretty easy, and although those precious curls are mostly gone, I think that this was definitely the right thing to do! Yup folks, it happened. 7.19.12, at 14 and a half months….Burke’s First Haircut. ūüôā

It’s not perfect, but neither are we….so it works. He’s still got a little bit of wave back there, and we didn’t take any off the front or top, so he still has his cute adorable little baby look.

The Oreos did the trick…..and gave us quite a laugh afterwards too. Chocolate drool is the coolest y’all.

A cookie for everyone to celebrate the occasion!

More of the aftermath. When we were done, it was straight to the sink and an extra good teeth brushing tonight. Such a fun little experience for Mommy and Daddy to share with our little man. Wonder how long until it’ll grow back and he’ll be making his next appointment?

6 Responses to “Cookies for Curls”

  1. Mom says:

    I’d sit still for a haircut too if you gave me Oreos and milk = )

    Burke – you could be bald and still be the most adorable young laddie around!

  2. Mom says:

    The look on his face when you showed him his cut curls was precious….aw, Mom! But he was soooo good. Loved the video!!

  3. Grandma Betty Bollman says:

    That was so precious! He was having a good time – but you guys deserve an award for patiently chasing your moving target! Oreos were a spendid reward and messy is such a winning experience for a little boy! He is just the best looking boy ever, even with a dirty face!! He has my heart that’s for sure!

  4. Margaret Williamson says:

    so Oreos huh, just like his Pa…he has them every night doesn’t he? So cute, nice memories!

    • Autie says:

      Pa eats Oreos mostly every morning. Breakfast of Champions, but that doesn’t keep him from having Oreos for a bedtime snack too.

  5. Autie says:

    This has such great pics and love the video! We kept hitting rewind to hear uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh. Made us LOL. Haircut makes him look like a true toddler, but he is still the cutest little boy that I love sooooo much!