A Quilt for Anderson by Annemarie

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Back when LB was pregnant with Anderson, I searched for just the right fabric for a quilt for him.  I was looking for something with vintage airplanes, and the right choice never came to me.  I then got busy with other quilts, life, etc, and I never got around to making a quilt for this sweet little boy.

It never left my mind, so when I got a handwritten letter from LB a few months back saying something like, “I think that if we lived in SB still, Anderson would have one of your quilts”.  I giggled and knew that I’d have fun surprising her when they visited soon.  It was just what I needed to get my stuff in gear and figure out what I was going to do for this special little boy.

When I spotted this modern quilt on Pinterest I knew that I wanted to try something like it.  I looked through my stash, checked out the solid colors that I had, and sat down to figure out the dimensions that I needed to make this into Anderson’s baby quilt.  I decided to go with a square, this ended up right around 40″x40″.  I finished piecing the top of this quilt pretty fast after coming up with the pattern, and afterwards exclaimed that “I just finished making what might be my favorite quilt top!”.  It then sat on our upstairs banister forEVER.  Brett can attest to that.  🙂

I put together the back a few weeks ago, and then finally got to quilting it at the SBMQG Sew Day.  I really love the way the quilting worked out on this one.  I decided not to do it the same way as my inspiration, which was just straight lines all the way across, but instead went with straight lines in both directions.  After doing the first three lines, I looked back and realized how long it was going to take me if I kept up the 1/4″ spacing, so I laid down a strip of masking tape, and gave them a little break.  I love the way it turned out.

I decided not to quilt anything in the middle area where the color strips were, in order not to take away from the blocks.  I do like the simplicity of the backing, allowing the quilting lines to shine.

I didn’t plan on having two colors for the binding, but after making the binding in the darker blue, it was a little short, so in came the pop of lighter blue.  It worked out perfectly I think as I love the modern look of it and it ties in the personalization plate too.

I’m so glad that I got it finished in time….just the day before….and LB was so happy to get it too!

All of the other baby quilts I’ve made have been gifted before the baby is born, so I haven’t been able to get shots of the baby with their gifts.  So fun to get some cute shots of Anderson on his new quilt!

Ahhh, just a few more shots….I love the way the binding looks on this quilt all rolled up!

This one was so fun to make and I feel like I’m learning more with each new quilt that I finish.  I’m already planning the next one and can’t wait to get started on it soon!

2 Responses to “A Quilt for Anderson”

  1. Mom says:

    So sweet seeing Anderson on his quilt. Very interesting quilting. Well done!

  2. Sarah Shalley says:

    I’m with her 😉 !! Really love it. Just not sure I’ll ever be a quilter. I need quilting for dummies!!