How did you spend YOUR Saturday? by Annemarie

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When I mentioned it to Brett last night, I wasn’t sure if it was the first time I’d said anything about it, so I was a little nervous in even doing so. Today was a Sew Day hosted by the Santa Barbara Modern Quilt Guild and I really wanted to go. I wasn’t sure how Brett would feel about me taking some time out to go, but when I told him about it, he said “sure”. (squeal!) Really?

The Sew Day was from 8am to 5pm, but I didn’t want to take advantage of his kind offer, so I got Burke all fed for breakfast and dressed for the day before I took off with my things around 1030am. I said I’d be home to feed Burke lunch around 1230 and then maybe go back for a bit while he napped after that.

I loaded up my machine, the quilt I was working on and made my way to the Goleta Valley Community Center where the SBMQG has rented a room for the day. It was so much fun to spend a few hours with ladies and sew. Most of the time, sewing is a one person sport, so this was such a treat to be able to do it community…..and with some wonderful women at that.

There were just 6 of us there, and given that we’re all women…there was plenty of chatting going on too.  We talked about fabric, babies, births, pregnancies, nursing, weaning….oh, all sorts of fun and interesting things.  I loved it.   We even walked over to The Habit (which I had to partake in…complete with fries AND a shake) and enjoyed lunch together.  As I was pulling out of my parking spot to come home as promised to tend to Burke and Daddy, I got a text that he’d fallen asleep.  What?  Without dear ole Mommy?  Wonderful!

So, I stayed through until 2pm and then packed it all up.   I managed to get through all the quilting for this quilt and that was my goal.  Now I just have to make the binding, and attach it in order to gift it in a few weeks!

While I was gone, and before Burke fell asleep, he and Daddy had a grand ole time of their own.  They hopped on the bike, complete with sunglasses and helmet, and made their way over to the La Cumbre shopping plaza for some fun.

Daddy got Burke a new toy at ToysRUs, they splashed in the water fountain, and……

….best of all, enjoyed a Blender together.

Such a fun, and a-typical, Saturday for all of us!  🙂  Thanks Daddy for the special time away and spending such a fun morning with our little guy for some Daddy and son bonding.

3 Responses to “How did you spend YOUR Saturday?”

  1. Autie says:

    Love the last pic of Burke at Blenders. That is a great smile. He looks like such a big boy sitting there. Where is our Baby Burke? LOVE!

  2. Grandma Betty Bollman says:

    I agree with Autumn, that last picture is absolutely priceless! You need to “give” them more chances for father-son bonding 🙂 It was fun to see the projects that your quilting friends were working on. I bet it is a fun time, but a real learning experience too!

  3. A Quilt for Anderson says:

    […] put together the back a few weeks ago, and then finally got to quilting it at the SBMQG Sew Day.  I really love the way the quilting worked out on this one.  I decided not to do it the same way […]