Dear Burke, by Annemarie

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Dear Burke,

13 months behind us…although this one seemed to last longer than the others.  All the more time to enjoy spending with you, my dear!

You are even more all over the place than you were last month, of course.  You walk so fast that you’re starting to run, but you love it.  You have such a smile on your face when you get to go places.

You have really found to love your bouncing zebra toy too.  You can get up on and off it without any help, and you dance along to the tunes.  You even have learned to recognize the word, so when we say “Burke, go play on your zebra”, you know what we’re asking.  It’s also been so much fun to see you start to understand other associations as well.  We often ask you, “Burke, where’s your lion?”, and more often than not you come back with the right zoo animal.  We’re taking it slow and still having fun but I get such a kick out of seeing you learn!

You bonked your head pretty hard at the zoo at the beginning of last month, and your bruise from it is still there.  Daddy is super concerned that it’ll be there forever, but I know that it’ll go away with more time (I hope!).  You haven’t had many more bad tumbles like that since, and let’s try to keep it that way, deal?

One of the other things that you’ve gotten good at knowing is “ball”.  I am pretty sure you even know the difference between the soccer, and your red one, but we’ll see how that progresses.  You are pretty good at throwing it, and can even sometimes kick it too.

Oh, Burke.  Well, you finally decided to get back on the teeth growing wagon.  You have quite a few that have started to come through, after what seemed like months of teething.  The bottom left incisor is visible, and a few of your molars have shown themselves finally.  I’m sure we have quite a road ahead of us as these continue to pop on through.

You are so curious about everything….especially Mommy and Daddy’s electronics.  You love to press the home button on our phones and chat with Siri, and you try your hardest to get into the keyboards on any of the computers.  Even now you’re learning how to take pictures with the big camera already.  You snapped the middle picture of you and me and I LOVE it! 🙂

You are continuing to love books and really get a kick out of the little animal ones that you got for your birthday last month.  You pant like a dog when you see a picture of a dog, or cow, or pretty much any animal, and when the cat book comes out, you say “mow mow”, which kind of sounds like mama, but I know that you’re saying Molly, or meow meow.

Your hair has come in with a vengeance and your curls are so wonderfully yummy!  Daddy keeps saying that we need to cut them….but not yet.  Not yet.

We can always get a good entertaining session with your cars these days.  I thought to grab an empty tissue box and you’ve had such a great time putting your cars in and taking them out of it.  It’s so neat to see you trying new activities.  You also recognize your truck if we ask you to get it, and it’s become a nice home for all your Hot Wheels too.

We have to do a little more babyproofing around the house as you’ve learned how to open drawers, cabinets, and reach higher shelves.  You do, however, when you want to, listen and understand “close it” when I ask you to do that with the drawer.  You also point at a lot of things and shout, “GAH!”.  I’m not sure what this means yet, but you’re always excited when you say it!

As Daddy puts it, you’re starting to show a little bit of personality, and when you don’t get your way, you let us know.  I totally caught you in the act of shoving your car away complete with a look of frustration.

But even with the start of what might end up being some tantrums down the road, you are the sweetest boy and you can melt your mamma’s heart in an instant.

Don’t grow up too fast baby boy.  Mommy loves you so much!



3 Responses to “Dear Burke,”

  1. Mom says:

    Oh my goodness! Just love these monthly posts about the cutest little fella around.

  2. Autie says:

    Not yet, not yet! <3

  3. Grandma Betty says:

    He is the sweetest little boy around!! We want him to stany this way a bit longer too!!