A Quilt (and shower) for Kirsten and Baby Moore by Annemarie

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I thought about this quilt for a long time.  I knew that I wanted to do something with bicycles, and had my eye on the perfect fabrics.  Since Kirsten wasn’t finding out the sex of the baby, I had to make it as gender neutral as possible.  To be sure that I was meeting the call, I showed Brett my plan, and once I got his okay, I knew it was going to be alright.

It took me forever to figure out what pattern I wanted to use….I have the hardest time deciding between all of the neat quilts that I’ve pinned.  I decided to use this as inspiration.  Once I figured out the dimensions for everything, I was out to actually get the fabric.  Thankful to an idea from my friends at the SBMQG I was able to find an etsy seller who was willing to cut me 6×6 inch squares of the ones I needed.  All of the fabric is Jay-Cyn Designs for Birch Fabrics.

I really like the way the quilting came together.  I used masking tape to lay out the lines (which Brett helped) and quilted on either side of the edges.

One of my favorite things is the rolled up quilt.  🙂

Kristi, Amber and I hosted a baby shower for Kirsten and it was so lovely.  Such a great group of women to fellowship, pray for, and celebrate Baby Moore.

Kirsten loved the quilt!

4 Responses to “A Quilt (and shower) for Kirsten and Baby Moore”

  1. Elisabeth says:

    I LOVE seeing all of your quilts! Do you take orders??! Seriously? I would love an “Annemarie” original for my boys! 🙂

  2. Grandma Betty says:

    I love the fabrics you chose. The bicycles are such a common bond that Alex and Kirsten shared and she will probably share with her little one. It was beautiful and I am very proud of you my dear!

  3. Marisa says:

    love the fabrics you picked out! what cool gift 🙂

  4. Jill says:

    This is beautiful, Annemarie! Thank you for sharing the story and the pictures of the shower. Just beautiful!