Corn Fed by Brett

Posted in: Burke- May 27, 2012 5 Comments

Burke is at an age now where it seems like every day he’s doing something new. Annemarie and I consistently find ourselves trying to get each other’s attention without making Burke stop whatever cute thing he’s doing. Common phrases include… “Look at your son right now.” “Did you just see him…” “Quick get the camera!” “We gotta get that on video.”

One thing that’s always made me cringe with anxiety is watching Burke figure out how to eat. He got front teeth really early and had absolutely no clue how to deal with the mouth filling bites he would take. I’m always nervous to say the least. He’s definitely getting better (especially now that his first molar has broken completely through!) and I just think it’s too cute when he starts eating with some “skill”. Here’s a video we grabbed the other night when he gobbled up some corn straight off the cob.

5 Responses to “Corn Fed”

  1. Mom says:

    That was precious, Brett! You do such a nice job matching the videos with complementing music. Bet you’re happy he’s now saying “DaDa!”

  2. Marisa says:

    hahahaha that was awesome 🙂 so glad to hear someone else yells as much as kiah does during meals!!

  3. Margaret WIlliamson says:

    Absolutely cute…should turn in for a funniest video!:O)

  4. Autie says:

    LOL Dadda!

  5. Grandma Betty Bollman says:

    Loralyn and I just watch this video and then rewtched the Easter-orange video. Now she is playing and keeps humming the spring song over and over as she is playing. 🙂 He really is enjoying that corn and doing so well at it. He likes to eat!