Carnival 2012 by Annemarie

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As if we hadn’t already done enough in celebration today, we thought it’d be a fun idea to head over to the SB Carnival for a few hours before bedtimes.  While we probably should have just sat down, relaxed and gone to bed early…I’m glad we didn’t.  The carnival proved to be a lot of fun for all!

We checked out the kiddie zone first and the little ones had a fun time going around in circles in the various wheeled options available.

Even Chloe was all smiles and laughs and having a great time.

We all rode a few rides.  I really wanted to get on the giant slide, so Brett and I went down.  Poor Hads wasn’t tall enough to get on any of the rides this year (besides the carousel).

Loralyn wanted to take a turn on the bell.  She won and picked out a prize and gave it to Burke.  This shot reminds me of the scene in Despicable Me where the little girl is shouting “It’s so FLUFFY!”.

Brett took a turn too.

He didn’t get to win anyone a prize.  🙁

I was SO excited to ride on the swings.  I think these might be my absolute favorite ride at the carnival.  This is evidently what Mommy and Daddy look like when trying to wave to Burke.


Yeah, we live here.  Check out the gorgeous view from the top of the ferris wheel of the park AND SB.

Our ferris wheel compartment.

A carnival isn’t complete without a funnel cake.  Yumm.

Loralyn had a ride on the pony before we left.

Burke turned into a pumpkin on the way home from such a long long day. It was such a wonderful one full of lots of love, fun and celebration for the Burkester!

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  1. Marisa says:

    I LOVE THE SWINGS!!!! that is my absolute favorite too :). what a fun day!!