Dear Brett,

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Dear Brett, You’re 33 today. The last year has gone by so fast. Last year for your birthday we were busy trying to get our baby out so he’d share the day with you. Too bad the little guy had his own plan. In the end, I’m glad that you still have your own day. […]

Wrapping up a wonderful weekend

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It’s amazing that any of us had any energy left after yesterday, but Loralyn had her heart set on visiting the SB Zoo again, so we were all up for it.  After another yummy breakfast, we headed out before it would be time for Burke’s nap. Most of us took a little ride on the […]

Carnival 2012

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As if we hadn’t already done enough in celebration today, we thought it’d be a fun idea to head over to the SB Carnival for a few hours before bedtimes.  While we probably should have just sat down, relaxed and gone to bed early…I’m glad we didn’t.  The carnival proved to be a lot of […]

The First Birthday Party

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Burke fell asleep hard after the beach…boy, was he tired. We all got home and ate lunch. Not too long after that, it was time to get all the “stuff” ready for the party.  I’d prepped as much as I could the night before, but there was still a lot to do. Betty and Autumn […]

The Longest Day Ever {Part ONE}

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The Bollman clan came in from Vegas on Friday night and arrived after Burke fell asleep.  We had a nice time catching up, eating brownies, and then decided to go all get some rest for the big day! Yes, the big day.  Saturday, April 28th…otherwise known as the day of WAY too many activities.  Of […]

MOPS Ending…

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Well, that went fast. We ended the second semester of the season of MOPS today.  It was such a great year and I really enjoyed being a table leader….that’s probably because my table was just plain awesome.  I loved the women, our discussions, laughter, tears, and sharing mommyhood with them. As a table leader I […]

In the air again…

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We woke the little guy up at 3am for our 4am departure from my parents’ house this morning, and kept him awake in the car for the drive to the airport.  He did great through the security line, only making a small peep for just a second, and all through the time before we finally […]

Our Blue Eyed Boy

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I wanted to get a nice photo of Burke, so we put him in a new shirt and headed out to the backyard.  🙂 His toddling is just so cute. Those baby blues melt my heart! Don’t you love his little man shorts too? Oh, this boy.  Love.

Quick Round Trip to Austin

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When we knew we’d be making a trip to TX, I hoped that we’d be able to make some time to get to Austin to visit with some of our friends there too. Well, it was a quick one…just a tad longer than a 24 hour round trip….but it was worth it. We left Katy […]

Pool and Patchwork

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It was a sunny TX day, so in the late afternoon, I thought it might be nice to try again with Burke and the pool. At first, with just his little hands in the water splashing around, he was fine. Then Daddy tried to submerse him in the water starting with his toes……and well, that […]