Vegas Trip 2012 by Annemarie

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We went to Vegas for several reasons this trip. We had planned on going in to visit with immediate family while Brett was going to be there for the ShowIt UNITED conference, but after Brett’s dear grandma, Gigi, passed, we were there for the memorial activities too.

On Saturday, a lot of family came into town.  Despite the occasion for the visits, it was great to spend time with much extended family.  Bruce had a nice time reading to Burke one of his favorite books.

Another sweet moment with Pa and Loralyn and Burke catching some cartoons.  I couldn’t believe that Burke sat still for as long as he did. 🙂

On Sunday after church we attended the viewing for Gigi.  The flowers were gorgeous, and Gigi looked beautiful.  It was a very nice time spent with family and friends, honoring Melva.

On Monday the funeral services were held at the church, and it was packed with all those that knew and loved Gigi.  The service was thoughtful, Brett and Autumn sang together for Gigi, and there was a moving slideshow too.  The entire church came together to provide a lovely lunch and it was a wonderful celebration of Gigi’s life.

We got to meet a lot of extended family that we hadn’t before, and that was a real treat.  Everyone was so nice and it was great to have this opportunity to visit and meet everyone.

I especially was grateful that we had time to spend with Brett’s cousins from the East coast – Alex, Meg and Kate.

Afterwards, there was more hanging out at the house with family.  It was also so nice that the Bollmans came down for the occasion from Northern California.

Burke got a LOT of attention from everyone….including his cousin and 2nd cousins too.

We got to chatting about it and decided that it’d be fun for the “kids” to get out together and go down to check out Bellagio.  All 6 of us piled in the van and headed out “on the town”.  The grandmas graciously watched the kiddos for us.  🙂

The display was in celebration of the Chinese New Year of the Dragon.  It was gorgeous….and I’m not being partial since I am a Dragon. 🙂

Alex wanted to put some money into a slot machine and do some gambling.  She was quite disgusted that her money didn’t multiply enough, or at all, to cover her plane ticket…but she did get a free drink out of it. 🙂

On Tuesday, family went out to the Veteran’s cemetery for the burial.  It was a sweet time of prayer, song and final goodbyes.

Mostly everyone left town, but Kate and the kids were some of the few that were still around.  The bigger little kids all hopped in for a bubble bath.  Burke SO wanted in on the fun.  Maybe next time he will be big enough.

On Wednesday, Brett was at work at the conference all day, so Burke and I went to the park with Ma and Pa.  Burke LOVES the tunnels!

And swings!

Yeah, he likes these things too.  🙂

I learned via FB that Jennifer was also in Vegas, so we went to meet her at a Starbucks to visit, and then dropped her at the airport.  What a fun unplanned surprise.

Our Wednesday night plans were dinner and a show with the ShowIt crew, so we got dolled up and were fortunate that Grandma jumped at the chance to babysit her grandson.  We also got to say bye one last time to Autie and Loralyn before taking off for the night.

We had a delicious dinner at Emeril’s restaurant and thoroughly enjoyed KA too!  Burke did great and was sleeping when we got home.  It was a nice night out hanging with Brett’s coworkers and enjoying good food, great company and an amazing show.

On Thursday, we packed up for me and Burke to head back home.  Daddy took off with the work folks for some more days away.  Burke and I had Chrystal’s company on the way home, and we were very thankful for her joining us!

It was a nice visit, despite the circumstances, and we look forward to seeing everyone again soon!

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  1. Grandma Betty says:

    Thank you, Annemarie, for catching the good memories of those couple days. As the saying goes “Too bad it takes funerals and weddings to get family together.” It was wonderful to have so many friends and family together to enjoy one another and treasure memories old and new.