Sunday at the Park by Annemarie

Posted in: Us- Feb 12, 2012 2 Comments

After going to Amber’s baby shower and stopping in on Caitlin’s birthday celebration, I learned that Brett and Burke were headed to the park with Dave and Hadley…so I met them there to join in on the fun.

When I pulled up, the kids were safely guarding some of the whiffle balls while the Dads marked out their diamond.

We made a trip down to the park and ran into Copper there.  The blue-eyed boys had a great time on the slide.

Not sure who ended up victorious in their game, but I think that Burke made the cutest ball boy there ever was!

2 Responses to “Sunday at the Park”

  1. Mom says:

    He can be on my team!

  2. Grandma Betty says:

    Did he throw any of them? I love the cute grin Burke is giving Copper in the third picture of them at the slide. Looks like a good time for all.