Stack, Slash and Quilted by Annemarie

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Over Christmas break in Las Vegas one night, when I was Pinterest or blog surfing, I came across a technique called Stack and Slash, and was intrigued. I have dreams about things that I find online and they don’t go away until I try them. So, while I was there, I picked up a few fat quarters during one of my Joann trips, with this new project in mind.

I cut the fabric in a very small rectangle (8 inches by 10 inches) with intentions of just trying it out, and maybe making a few mug rugs from the design. Well, when I got back home, and when my Mom was visiting, I got it out again, and decided to go ahead and figure out this new (to me) piecing technique.

I quickly realized that I shouldn’t have made such a small cut into each fat quarter, but what was done, was already done, so I went with it. I cut matching pieces of white and started the stacking and slashing. By this time, however, I had decided that this was what I was going to do for a baby quilt for Amber’s baby. She and Matt aren’t finding out the gender, so I thought that this could be a good neutral pattern.

We got started, and the first batch of stacking and slashing took a lot longer than I had thought it would…this technique is supposed to be a time saver – doh!  It was probably a little bit of our fault.  1.  I cut the pieces WAY too small to be efficient with this process, and 2. We didn’t really have a good method going – trying to remember in which order the stacks were supposed to go back into each time – but it was fun nonetheless. I brought the materials with me on our trip to TX the next week and we worked on it again there. We managed to get about 90% of the way through the first steps in the two nights at my parent’s house. I finished up the piecing a little over a week ago and I was so happy when it came together! It did help, a LOT, that my cousin sent me a beautiful Rowenta iron in the mail. It’s amazing how much easier and nicer the seams press with a good quality iron!

Another thing that made this quilt more fun to complete was my new walking foot! I finally ordered one, and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t do that sooner! I had to get Brett to come help me install it, but it made the actual quilting part a breeze! Granted I just did some straight lined quilting, but it was so much faster and easier with this right piece of equipment for the task.

For the back I used the little bitty strips that were left over from each fat quarter, and I think it took me almost as long to do that part as it did to do the front.  Geez!  Working with small pieces like that is NOT easy!  I bound it with a sweet little gray polka dot which I thought finished it up quite nicely.  I completed the quilt just a few hours before the shower, but really love the way it turned out. It ended up being a little bigger than I thought it would, but it’s a nice size. It was about 43″ x 55″ when it was all said and done.

I hope Baby Moran (who I predicted will be a girl, and born on Sunday, April 1st) will get a lot of love out of it!

4 Responses to “Stack, Slash and Quilted”

  1. Mom says:

    Turned out great! Love the bright colors and I’m sure Baby Moran will too! It was fun.

  2. Amber says:

    Baby Moran’s mommy LOVES IT!!!! I’m so impressed by your new found talent. Thank you for such a sweet gift!

  3. Grandma Betty says:

    I think it looks great! I can’t remember the technique, but was thinking quite a bit differently than what the finished product looked like. The colors are so cheerful. You need to keep putting your signature patch on the back. That was so great!!

  4. Marisa says:

    ooh i love that gray polka dot fabric!! nice job despite your difficulties 🙂