iPhone Friday by Annemarie

Posted in: Us- Feb 03, 2012 3 Comments

Burke got a new toy/eating receptacle, and he’s learning how to use it.  We now have Cheerios all over the house at any given time.

We went over to hang out with Hadley while she ran an errand with Chloe.  They “painted” (with water) in the backyard on the ground.  I think Burke has art in his future.

It’s always more fun to play with other people’s toys….and it’s no exception at Hadley’s house.  Burke LOVES to play with her toy kitchen.  I made her put on her cute little apron and brew me some coffee.

I popped in tonight at Chaucer’s Bookstore to support a local Mommy friend, Mona Ausubel, who has just released her first novel, No One is Here Except All of Us.  Of course I picked up a copy and had her sign it too.  So proud of Clay’s hard working Mommy!!

3 Responses to “iPhone Friday”

  1. Mom says:

    Gotta love those Cheerios!

    I’ve requested the book from the library. Can’t wait to read it.

  2. Grandma Betty says:

    Burke might need to request Loralyn’s kitchen as a hand-me-down. I think men that cook are very appealing to women 🙂 Hadley looks so cute in her apron. (Me thinks….You could put a play kitchen under your pass-through and set it in the laundry room if you were entertaining.)

  3. Grandma Betty says:

    Brett was really artistic. In fact he used to say he was going to do a comic strip or illustrate when he grew up. Maybe there is art in Burke’s future. Might have come from the Bollman’s as Great-grandpa Peter Bollman painted with oils, we have one of his paintings. Bruce’s dad was so good at tole painting and designing with wood. Bruce has several acrylic paintings, and Uncle Brad has some awesome sketches. Wonder if Brett still has any of his??