Dear Burke, by Annemarie

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Dear Burke,

Wow, the last month, your 8th month, seems like it flew by. It started out as the new year – 2012 – and now it’s already February 1st. You are 9 months old today. You’ve been outside Mommy’s belly almost as long as you were inside. That just seems crazy to me. You are so much fun at the age that you are now, and it’s getting harder for me to remember the days when you were wee little. Good thing I’ve been writing you letters!

Well, in the teeth news, your 8th tooth came in. You have a full mouth of teeth it seems like. You use it to chew the tips of all sorts of foods. You got really good at eating at the beginning of the month, and then you got sick, and completely stopped and just nursed for about 2 weeks. Now that you’re feeling better, you’ve gotten back into eating, and it feels like full swing now. You will put down just about anything that we put on your tray that you can feed yourself. You really like grapes and beans. You’re not that crazy about us feeding you with a spoon. A few days ago, you figured out how to eat out of one of the packets of food, and have started to suck them down. Just last night you went through an entire one so quickly that you amazed me!

You are moving even faster, and “walk” all around any piece of furniture you can get to. You also do pull ups on the TV stand and have started to gnaw on the wood. We’d love for you to stop doing that. 🙂

When you crawl you are still getting used to different textures. If you don’t like it, then you crawl with your bottom straight up in the air and it’s hysterical.

Probably the biggest thing that happened this month was that you got sick. Really sick. You scared us and we didn’t like seeing you that way one bit. At least now we know what you can handle and what it looks like when you’re not going to get better. You did really great at taking all your medicine too.

When you were sick, we didn’t get to see your baby friends, and I could tell that you missed them. After everything was better, we got to see them again, and it was so great. You LOVE to play with your friends.

For the longest time you have been a pretty still sleeper. Once you are out, you stay in one spot until you wake up to nurse. Not so much the case anymore. You move quite a bit now. The other night, you rolled over, and completely sat up while you were still sleeping. You were rocking back and forth and about to fall over when you finally woke up a little bit. Yes, you’re in the crib when you’re doing all of this. 🙂

You’re getting into more and more things, so we did a better job of babyproofing the house for you. Now you have a little more space to roam around and we think that you really like it. You would LOVE if we’d give you free rein and let you just have at the stairs. You’d probably crawl up them all day long. We have your toys downstairs in a few baskets and you like to pull them all out one by one and go back and forth between all of them. Most of your toys go straight to your mouth first.

It was so fun to see you actually play at the playground. Daddy put you down, and you climbed all the way up to the slide all by yourself. Of course, he was right behind you the whole way incase you took a tumble….but you didn’t. That kind of blew me away. The days of you staying close on the blanket are going to become a distant memory soon.

Your expressions are still coming. You have a few new faces….one of them is just hysterical to me and Daddy. You scrunch up your nose and do this funny grin. Oh, it gets us every time. Sometimes we can even get you to do it on command and imitate us. You also have started to put your hands over your ears. Not really sure where this came from, but it makes you look like the “Hear No Evil” character. This is also something that we can prompt you to do….sometimes.

You started waving one day. When someone said “bye”, you waved. Wait, what? You do it now on “hi” too. I think you picked it up at the Rose Parade. Either way, it’s perfectly adorable. And….that means that you have learned some associations. Awesome! Oh, you also know what “bounce” means. If we say it, you start to bounce up and down with your knees. It’s like you are dancing. So cute!

You absolutely think it’s the funniest thing to take off your socks. How we’ve managed to keep them all in check still is beyond me. They end up all over the place and you just have such a good time chewing on them and then pulling them off.

You’ve discovered Molly and she likes it. One afternoon, she woke you up from a nap, and you crawled over to her, and pretty much laid on top of and snuggled with her. She didn’t move and if she had wanted to get away – she could have. You really love animals…..Molly and dogs/puppies. You get the sweetest little giggle going when you see a dog. You want to chase or grab their tails, and you LOVE when they lick your face with kisses. I am so happy that you’re an animal lover.

I surely can’t believe that it’s been 9 months since the day you were born. I feel like this next one is going to be a big one. Thanks for keeping us on our toes and giving us the most wonderful bundle to love each and every day.

I love you Burke!


4 Responses to “Dear Burke,”

  1. Lila's mommy says:

    This is so so sweet. I teared up remembering those cute tiny babies just laying on the blanket in the park. That seems like forever ago. What amazing memories to last a lifetime. (like these sweet letters)

  2. carolyn says:

    Annemarie, I too am so happy Burke is an animal lover. Nothing finer. Another beautiful letter.Love the pics & part about crawling over different textures & how one can tell if he likes it. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  3. Grandma Betty Bollman says: