Grandma Melva

Posted in: Family- Feb 25, 2012 5 Comments

Two weeks ago I lost only the second family member in my life, my Grandma Melva. She lived an incredible 88 years and nearly the last 5 without the love of her life, my Grandpa Stan. For myself, the last two weeks have been somewhat of a relief, knowing that my grandma is ultimately in […]

Vegas Trip 2012

Posted in: Family, Us- Feb 23, 2012 1 Comment

We went to Vegas for several reasons this trip. We had planned on going in to visit with immediate family while Brett was going to be there for the ShowIt UNITED conference, but after Brett’s dear grandma, Gigi, passed, we were there for the memorial activities too. On Saturday, a lot of family came into […]

Weekly iPhone Pics

Posted in: Us- Feb 17, 2012 4 Comments

It’s becoming pretty bad that I only snap pictures with my iphone these days….but I guess I’m still snapping, capturing some of the super fun moments with our little man…so that’s a good thing. ūüôā We went to the zoo on Monday afternoon with Dayna, Hadley and Chloe. ¬†It was the windiest day and that […]

Sunday at the Park

Posted in: Us- Feb 12, 2012 2 Comments

After going to Amber’s baby shower and stopping in on Caitlin’s birthday celebration, I learned that Brett and Burke were headed to the park with Dave and Hadley…so I met them there to join in on the fun. When I pulled up, the kids were safely guarding some of the whiffle balls while the Dads […]

Stack, Slash and Quilted

Posted in: Annemarie- Feb 12, 2012 4 Comments

Over Christmas break in Las Vegas one night, when I was Pinterest or blog surfing, I came across a technique called Stack and Slash, and was intrigued. I have dreams about things that I find online and they don’t go away until I try them. So, while I was there, I picked up a few […]

Another iPhone Photo Weekly Dump

Posted in: Us- Feb 10, 2012 1 Comment

Daddy wasn’t feeling too well all weekend, so we skipped out on the Super Bowl parties that we were invited to, and instead, just watched it as a family at the house. We ended up spending quite a bit of time at the house this week. ¬†Burke was looking mighty dapper on Monday. We did […]

Look Who’s TWO!

Posted in: Us- Feb 04, 2012 2 Comments

Our favorite friend, neighbor and one-year old is now TWO!! Hadley turned two today (well, tomorrow on Sunday, but the celebration was today), and Dayna threw together a little party for her at the park. Dave’s parents were able to drive up for the afternoon to celebrate with their granddaughter, and also spend some time […]

iPhone Friday

Posted in: Us- Feb 03, 2012 3 Comments

Burke got a new toy/eating receptacle, and he’s learning how to use it. ¬†We now have Cheerios all over the house at any given time. We went over to hang out with Hadley while she ran an errand with Chloe. ¬†They “painted” (with water) in the backyard on the ground. ¬†I think Burke has art […]

Park Play

Posted in: Burke- Feb 01, 2012 2 Comments

On Wednesday afternoon, a bunch of the little ones were all awake at the same time….so we visited the park in the neighborhood. Burke is pretty enthralled with the rock climbing wall. ¬†I can imagine that it won’t be too much longer until he can actually climb it! Burke stood for about 5 minutes just […]

Dear Burke,

Posted in: Burke- Feb 01, 2012 4 Comments

Dear Burke, Wow, the last month, your 8th month, seems like it flew by. It started out as the new year – 2012 – and now it’s already February 1st. You are 9 months old today. You’ve been outside Mommy’s belly almost as long as you were inside. That just seems crazy to me. You […]