The Day After by Annemarie

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Happy Black Friday!! I haven’t ever partaken in BF, but I thought that I might this morning. I got up at 530 and made it out of the house without waking anyone up to go to Joann for their sale. Well, I got there right at 6am and the store was already chaos and I was way out of my league. They were having a crazy sale on their flannel, and people were snatching it up by the bolt! I didn’t really know what I wanted just yet, so I felt totally overwhelmed by all the mayhem, and ended up leaving without a stitch of fabric. I grabbed a few other things, and was back home, back in bed, by 7am.

So, then after waking up for real, we didn’t have anything planned. Oh, it’s so nice to be away from our own home and relax.  We had a great day of relaxation and spending time with family.  Brett and I have both started reading The Hunger Games, so we’re actually getting some reading done.  When you have 6 adults to hang out with and watch one baby….well, there are some free hands.  🙂

After lunch and some more down time, Barb came over and the ladies had craft time.  We started with blank ornaments.

And had a hay day decorating them.  I was very thankful that Barb came with some helpful decorating ideas….blank canvases still scare me.  So, I copied exactly what she had already done. 🙂

Everyone except Brett and Bruce joined in on the fun.  Burke was having a grand ole time with the boas!

This was what our creations looked like half way through, during the drying stage.  I realize that I didn’t get a picture of the final product, but if you look closely in the group shot above, you can see them hanging from the light fixture.  The end steps were to put the tie back on, and glue some boa around the top.  They all turned out so great and I can’t wait to put them on our tree!

After the crafting was done, it was back to Burke for our entertainment.

We had a deliciuos spread of salad and pizza for dinner, while Burke had himself some avocado.  This time he got it all over himself.

It was time for his first kitchen sink bath after all that mess.

He loved it!

After dinner, Grandpa and I resumed the cribbage game we’d started earlier in the day…..he beat me by four points!  Such a close game but glad he won!

The rest of the night we hung out and relaxed. We don’t ever sit this still at home so it’s been really wonderful to do that here.

6 Responses to “The Day After”

  1. Mom says:

    Love that tongue sticking out!

  2. All Things BD says:

    I love those ornaments! Care to share the exact process with me? I think my girls would enjoy making them.

  3. Autie says:

    Gotta love “Bath in a Sink”!

  4. Grandma Betty says:

    He splashed so hard when he was in the sink, water was everywhere. It took several towels and 4 adults to clean up HA! He also just loved the sprayer (reminded him of showers at home I guess) and he would lean forward with his mouth wide open and get a big gulp. It was fun.

  5. Marisa says:

    cute ornaments! and i am SO looking forward to christmas…for the 6 adults to 1 baby ratio ;).