What a Thursday! by Annemarie

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Man, we are skipping all sorts of things this week….Burke is STILL pooping (I know you’re sick of poop updates….but it is kind of my life right now), and I woke up with a pretty bad headache, so we didn’t make it to Gathering this week.

However, we did make it to watch Hadley after she got home for a few hours this afternoon.  Burke, despite going on 60+ diapers changes now in like 6 days, is still in great spirits.  He wanted to show off how he does his pushups in the backyard.

While we were in the backyard hanging out, we had kind of an exciting moment.  I looked down and Hadley was playing with a bee.  I didn’t freak out, because I didn’t want to scare her.  I just said “Oh no, honey, we don’t want to play with that”.  I think it might have been too late, because she started to cry and we’re still not sure if she was stung or not.  I kept a good eye on her hand to be sure it didn’t swell, and then we all went down for naps.  I kept checking on Hads due to the situation, and she was all good.  Ready for her snooze…while Burke did the same (after eating ) in the office.

I grabbed Burke and he and I both took a little snooze downstairs.

When it was time for Hadley to wake up, the kids played in her room for a while.  Burke really liked gnawing on the wooden puzzle.

We got a text from Kirsti asking for a walk…..and we thought that was a great idea.  All the kids were loaded up in the strollers, and we were off to the park.  Copper and Burke really enjoyed getting some time to swing!

We are all so blessed to have such beautiful and happy children!! 😉

After coming home from the park, and getting settled, Dayna and Hads came back over so the moms could work on something for our MOPS meeting tomorrow.  Our table is bringing the food, so we decided to try something that we’d seen on Pinterest.  My mistake that instead of getting oranges, I picked out grapefruit.  I really gotta get better at identifying fruit!!

Dave then joined us and we watched game 6 of the World Series and ate some dinner. What an exciting game, and how fun that now there is one more to watch! Afterwards, the 4 of us had a nice time just talking. I love it when we get to do this….except Dayna and I were both falling asleep as we need to get us early tomorrow for some more cooking for MOPS!

2 Responses to “What a Thursday!”

  1. Mom says:

    Love the pushup photo!!
    Well, at least you got the ruby red grapefruit which is really sweet = ). I eat a whole one without sugar daily especially if they are from TX! = )

  2. Grandma Betty says:

    Those fruit kabobs look yummy. I’d eat at least 2-3 🙂 That Burke just is smiling all the time – love it! Yes, we are blessed!