Poopy Friday by Annemarie

Posted in: Us- Oct 21, 2011 2 Comments

As of this morning we were changing poopy diaper 12 and counting. Poor little guy…this whole drooling, teething, pooping thing is getting the best of him. But….tooth #4 popped through this morning so maybe there is a good explanation for all this mess!

Either way, we decided to skip out this morning on MOPS breakfast at IHOP and Lane Farms…boo. Oh well, we’ll have to visit next week when we don’t have to be chained to the wipes!

So, we declared today a stay in bed, nap, nurse and rest kind of day….and we did just that.  Burke took a really good morning nap.

Dayna texted and said that she had a whole bunch of extra food, and so I met her on the sidewalk and picked up a pizza, 6 heads of lettuce, a huge box of cherry tomatoes and 3 huge cucumbers.  Perfect lunch!!  We got it all ready, and put Burke in his seat to join us.  I chopped up a few slices of cucumber in the perfect shape for him and he had a good time exploring it.  I bet the coldness of it felt great on his gums too!

And then, it was down for a really good, 2+ hour afternoon nap.

It’s getting harder to find places to put Burke while doing all of the things that need to happen for life, but tonight we discovered that (for the time being) it isn’t too dangerous to put him in the bumbo on the countertop in the bathroom.  I gave him an extra toothbrush to play with while I brushed my teeth.  He loves the mirror too and really likes to smile at himself.  (I didn’t leave him unattended on the countertop at any point).

Daddy took off on a planned guy night, and he took the TV with him!  So, Burke and I made a super quick VONS run (in our PJs) for some ice cream for Mommy.

Burke fell asleep early (for him) and I worked on updating the blog all night. Poor little guy woke up around 1215, ate and pooped (#18 if you’re still counting), so I had to change him, which woke him up even more and then he wasn’t feeling that great. I don’t like to see him in pain and crying from his teeth. I hope this all finishes up soon. At 130am I texted Brett to see if he was still awake. He got home not too shortly after that and we all turned in around 3am.

2 Responses to “Poopy Friday”

  1. Grandma Betty Bollman says:

    Had to buy some of that Java Chip, huh? Yum Yum! Burke looks pretty happy with himself in front of the mirror. That’ll be funny when he really can be brushing his teeth with paste, mess and all 🙂 I really think he needs his Grandma Betty to snuggle with him again too:)

  2. Autie says:

    Fun to see Burke in the Bumbo, and it looks like he is having fun too!
    The picture of him asleep with his arms above his head is so sweet and it made me reminiscent of when Loralyn was that age, yet she still sleeps like that.