Getting Rid of the Runs Monday by Annemarie

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Poor little guy is still pooping. We changed diaper #30 this morning…and as I’m typing, little man just went again in his sleep. Oh, I wish there was something more that we can do.

Here is how we are treating this so far.  Sleep.  Making sure that he’s well fed to not cause dehydration, and then naps.  He got in a good one this morning.  He loves to lay on his side and have something to snuggle up to.

Soaking in water, and lots of nekkid time to try and dry out the terrible, horrible, awful, diaper rash.  Don’t you like the butterflies?  I stole that idea from Pioneer Woman – haha!

More nekkid time.  Daddy help build Burke a fort with towels and blankets.  It lasted until one of the poops came, and it was too wet to not soak through.  Oh well.  It was fun while it lasted..and then it was nap time again.

Daddy rocked Burke to help him fall asleep….but what did it was getting him on his side and letting him play with Brett’s hair.  He loves to wrap his arm around our necks and then play with the hair on the back of your head until he is fast asleep.  So cute.

I was waiting for him to fall asleep so Brett could get back to work and I could make a run to the ped office.  I talked with them this afternoon, and they recommended a few things to help get him back to 100% health.  So, I picked up the infant probiotics, some coconut water, corn starch, more diaper cream and came home with the arsenal.

Burke stayed home tonight while I went to PEP training (where I learned that a stomach bug is going around the babies….Blaise had it too). I got this picture from Brett to let me know that everything was OK back at the house. Hadley, D&D came over to play for a few hours while I was away.

I got home right as he was getting ready for bed. I changed another poopy diaper, and then nursed little man off to sleepyland. I think that we are up to over 40 diapers in the last 4.5 days. No wonder he’s got a terrible diaper rash. I am really hoping that this gets better and ASAP. Please say some prayers for Burke’s health.

2 Responses to “Getting Rid of the Runs Monday”

  1. Sarah Shalley says:

    I’m sorry he’s feeling bad. This is going all around TX. I was sick again this past Saturday. At least he’s not vomiting on top of that! Praying he’s back to normal soon. Parker sends a hug!

  2. Mom says:

    Put an old shower curtain or two under all the towels and you won’t have to worry about the carpeting underneath. Actually, he still looks pretty chipper. Back in your day, A&D ointment was the best cure for diaper rash. If all else fails, that’s an alternative. Remember, this too will pass. = )