Friday Funday with Auntie TayTay

Posted in: Family, Travel, Us- Sep 30, 2011 2 Comments

Yay, it’s Friday, and that means we’ve made it to the day that Taylor planned for us! We first grabbed some delicious sandwiches from Firehouse Subs and made our way to her school to meet her for lunch. Even though I know Taylor’s been a teacher, and a great one, for many years, it’s still […]

Catching up on sleep

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Brett pulled another all nighter last night after we got home from Dylin’s birthday while Burke and I got a good night’s sleep. So, Mom and I ran some errands today while Brett continued to work. We made it out to Costco, and then had a stop in at Joann’s on the way home. I’m […]

A GREAT day to turn EIGHT!

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My Mom arranged a visit for us with Mrs. James, aka Quilt Extraordinaire, complete with a bias tape making tutorial. She got out her quilting book, and walked us through the steps. Who knew that math would come in handy when making quilts? The two steps formula includes getting the square root of a calculated […]

fussy baby? there’s a nap for that.

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Mom was off to a class early this morning, so it was just me and Burke hanging out.  Since we didn’t get to see Erika last night, I called to see if she was able to join us for lunch, and to our luck, she was.  She was super happy to see, and snuggle with, […]

Back in Katy and feeling good

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We woke up this morning, pretty early for us, and got the van all packed up. We were on the road by 8am….yes, I know, that IS early for us, isn’t it?? My mom was shocked when we called to tell her that we were on our way. This was our shortest day of driving, […]

Sunday, Funday

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We woke up this morning and borrowed one of Weston’s blankets for Burke’s 21 week picture. I can’t help but share a few of the others that we took at the same time. We all then got ready for church.  I was so excited to learn that Lake Hills reopened the downtown campus at the […]

Burke’s Texas Friends

Posted in: Travel, Us- Sep 24, 2011 1 Comment

Ahhh, Saturday in Austin. We took our time getting up and enjoyed some breakfast tacos from Taco Deli while the Hursts were out running around town. Burke was able to get in a nap even though there was so many things to play with at Weston’s crib! We got ourselves ready and headed over to […]

Back in the ATX

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As we were driving into Austin last night, it was weird to me thinking that Burke would never know Texas. Now, everyone says, “never say never”, but I’d say we have no immediate plans to be moving back, so Burke won’t ever live here. That’s kind of strange to think after I lived there for […]

Burke’s Giant Sandbox

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Well, I stayed up entirely too late last night posting all the pictures and blogs I’d written on the ride yesterday to the server. It was getting to me that I was behind, and if I got too much further behind, it was just going to be brutal to catch up. So, I finally went […]

So long AZ….Hello NM!

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Brett got up super early this morning to get some work done before we leave again. Burke and I managed to sleep until about 8am and then joined everyone for some breakfast. I learned more about all the different Cheerios flavors today, and I’m happy that I did. The frosted and fruity ones are super […]