Raccoon Riff-Raff

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As Annemarie posted earlier… with a lot of hissing and meowing, our “guard” cat Molly let us know that the neighborhood troublemakers had made a trip into our backyard. They’ve made several prior visits to knock over our trashcans and scavenge through our garbage… which prompted us to get a new sturdier garbage can. If […]

Hump Day Happenings

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As I was getting us ready this morning…..this is what I noticed in Burke’s room. Don’t pay too much attention to all the clothes….I am trying to organize…but check out Molly. She’s so silly.  She always seems to be bundled up on clothes somewhere. PEP met in the park in our neighborhood this week, so […]

Just a swingin’

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Burke had kind of a rough night….well, maybe it was Mommy that had a rough night sleeping, and so we skipped out on meeting up with friends this morning and stayed in bed. If Burke is up for it, it’s really my most favorite way to spend the morning. Daddy had left early for work […]

Adventures in Babysitting

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We got over to Hadley’s this morning at 740am so Dayna could go do something at the school. Burke was successfully transported there sleeping in the k’tan but then woke up as soon as we walked in. Hadley was woken up around 815am by seeing Burke with her in her crib. She was shocked for […]

17 Weeks Y’all

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Reality SB starts next Sunday, so Brett went for the dry run this morning to find out what his duties as teardown helper will be. After he got back, we had to take his 17 week picture. I can’t believe that he’s already 17 weeks.  Brett is anxious for him to be older so he […]

Babies, Slippery Fish, Catan & Poker

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Burke decided that he wanted to try on one of his new outfits this morning for the party this afternoon.  Doesn’t he look so dapper in his searsucker shorts and matching hat? 🙂 I made the Pampered Chef artichoke and spinach ring once again, and we got ready to go to (PEP) Emily and Owen’s […]

Play Dates are Great

Posted in: Burke, Family, Us- Aug 25, 2011 3 Comments

Daddy left bright and early this morning so we were at the house by ourselves for most of today. Burke is super loud when he wakes up, cooing, giggling, and then he also has this high pitched giddy scream. You’d think he’s unhappy, but he’s really not…just likes to use his lungs to where the […]

All Things as a Family

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Burke and I went to hang out with our PEP mommies and babies this morning at Tucker’s Grove again. We came home and had some lunch with Daddy and went down for a nap in the afternoon. Daddy had pulled another all nighter, so he joined us. Family naps are the best. It’s a good […]

Hi, I’m Annemarie and I’m an addict…

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Today we went to meet up with some baby friends at the Mission Rose Garden. For the first time, we were there first. I think it was becuase we were so excited to drive our new ride. It really is a dream to drive and it was SO nice to get Burke in and out […]

Membership status approved

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So, this afternoon, we all took off to go meet up with our new friend, Benny, at Honda.  We had met him yesterday afternoon, and made plans to come back and visit him again today…..to seal a deal….and officially become card carrying members of the “Minivan Club”. Yup, that’s right……we are the proud new owners […]