The Perfect Family Saturday

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Today was the perfect day.  We all slept in a little bit, and Burke and I finally got out of bed around 11.  He was in great spirits and was so happy to sit and watch us cook up a delicious breakfast together.  Scrambled eggs, sausage, OJ, and eggos.  Perfection.  If you do the same, […]

Blue 52…

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Burke and I had a relaxing morning, we slept in a little bit, and then went over to hang out with Hadley while she took a nap and Dayna had a lunch meeting. It was a nice change of scenery and to hang out during the day in another living room. I hung out with […]

Santa Barbara Delight

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We didn’t get great sleep, and I was struggling with a painful clogged duct, so we missed meeting up with the PEP ladies this morning at 10 for their walk at Shoreline Park.  It did, however, sound lovely, so Emily and I took one at noon instead. We went and laid out blankets for the […]

Zoo, Lunch, Bath, Songs, Books, Tummy Time and Nap

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Our official PEP meetings finished up last week, so this week was our first offsite gathering. We were treated to admission to the zoo and took over one of the grassy shaded areas with our babies. It was great, once again, to see everyone, and even nicer with a change of scenery. It was a […]

Is the date a good enough blog post title?

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Burke and I went to visit Ashley and Lila this morning. Mommy needed a haircut, and Burke likes hanging out with Lila. Well, when we got there, they decided that naptime was first on the agenda. Lila just went down, and Burke was very sleepy so they had a nice snooze together. When they woke […]

Happy Birthday USA!

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Brett and I invited over a few friends for a 4th of July barbecue.   A little different than our holiday last year….as we were mostly getting ready for our out of town wedding guests.  Can’t believe that was a year ago that we were wedding preparing!  Time has flown so fast. Brett cooked up […]

Sunday, Happy Sunday

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Oh, what a really great Sunday today has been. It started out this morning with Caitlin and Nile coming to join us for breakfast at our house. While the girls were in the kitchen, Nile was hanging out with Burke. So cute…he did great with the baby! 🙂 We made (well, mostly Caitlin since I […]

Dear Burke,

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Dear Burke, You’re 2 months old today. Wow, I can’t believe that much time has passed since you were born already. Time is going by way too fast, and while I’m so excited every day to see how you’re growing, and what you’ll do new, it makes me a little sad that you won’t be […]