Babies, babies, babies

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Tuesdays means that we are headed to Oak Park to hang out with our baby friends. It was a skip week for the Infant Times, so the moms just hung out and chatted instead.  Right when everyone was packing up, Shani suggested that we take one of those cute baby circle pictures.  I was secretly […]

A little crafting, a little celebrating

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We went to a new mom’s group this morning called MamaToto. It’s a support group for moms that are practicing Dr. Sears’ Attachment Parenting. I met some new moms, and it was a good time, but I’m not sure that I will keep this one up. I already have met some really great moms in […]

Day of Water Firsts

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We actually got up a little early for a Sunday this morning, and Burke was ready for a good cleaning. I remember a picture of my Dad holding me in the shower when I was a baby….so we thought to give it a try. EDITED TO ADD: My dad just sent me this picture….yup, this […]

Picking Berries on a Saturday Afternoon

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When I saw that one of the moms from my PEP group went blueberry picking a week ago, I thought that’d be fun, and asked to see if anyone else was interested. Turns out that people were…so plans were made. The O’Neils, Elise and Kyle all joined us and we headed out this afternoon. It […]

Happy Baby Friday

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Burke and I met up with Marisa and Kiah this morning since they were in town visiting with some friends.  She suggested East Beach Grill, and it was my first time there.  I can’t believe that I hadn’t been there before….it was a great location, with a really beautiful view.  It was early so it […]

The Best of Times

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Burke and I had a slow morning, and were getting ready to head out when Emily called to see if she could stop by on her lunch break – of course!! She joined us and we went over to Jen’s for our birth class mommy hangout.  Jen made up some yummy pico de gallo, bruschetta […]

Tummies….for time and to be filled!

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We went to PEP this morning at Sarah’s house, and had a great time.  Burke even stayed awake this time to play with his friends for a bit before taking a short snooze.  I’ve said it before, but I’ve really enjoyed PEP and the women that I’ve gotten to know because of it, and I’m […]

Random Tuesday

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We had Infant Times in the park again today. Burke was in the best mood this morning right before we left. He was cooing, talking, and all smiles. I knew what that meant for the class, but I had hope that I’d be wrong. We showed up and he was awake and alert while everyone […]

Cooking It Up

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Today was a pretty lazy Monday. I had lunch plans that ended up falling through, but it ended up working out great in the end. Burke and I took our time getting up, and then I cleaned up our room, put away laundry, and rearranged Daddy’s closet. I made a To Do List for the […]

365 Days of Mr. and Mrs.

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Last year, on seven.ten.ten, Brett and I stood before God, our family and friends and committed our lives to each other.  We had the most wonderful wedding, it was absolutely perfect….more than we could have ever imagined.  It was the best day, and we’ll never forget it. It’s been 365 days since 7.10.10, and we’ve […]