Hi, Friend….it’s your birthday celebration!

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Jake invited us to a gathering to celebrate our friend, his wife, Jen and her 30th birthday. I am so thankful that I know this Godly woman. I met her over 2 years ago at the first wine night in SB. She’s such a joy, and I have had so much fun getting to know […]

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

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I won! I don’t win things very often, but I won! I entered LB’s giveaway for this adorable apron, from her MIL’s new etsy shop, and it’s all mine!  It came in the mail today, and I love it! For anyone that is looking for a cute gift for kitchen loving friends, I would highly […]

Boys Club & Baby Carrying Daddies

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This morning we went up to the Freedom house to visit with the Watson family who is in town from Phoenix. After being quiet while the show was on, we got to go down to the studio room and hang out. They have some new benches in the setup, so Keifer and I went to […]

Look Ma, No Carrier

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We had PEP this morning in the park, and we are really enjoying seeing our baby friends every Wednesday. Burke was unusually fussy this morning though, very unlike him. I thought that it might be the starting of teething, and so we stopped at Lazy Acres and got some of the homeopathic remedy that a […]

Playing and Growing

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We went to Infant Times in the park this morning.  Burke LOVES his O-ball (thanks Darren and Negar), and played with it almost the whole time.  It was a great day at the park….it even got a little sunny near the end of the morning. We came home and Burke did so great in his […]

Sunday, Steamy Sunday, in Vegas

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We didn’t leave the house yesterday, so when we did this morning, at 10am, the heat was a bit shocking. “They” always say that it’s a dry heat in Vegas, which I’m thankful for, but that doesn’t mean it’s not too much for a Southern California girl. When we got to church, and I put […]

Smiles and Giggles for FREE

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Grandma and Grandpa hosted a Meet and Greet for the folks in Vegas to see Burke.  Betty and Autumn made some yummy baked goods for the occasion.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many in one place before…they were all super tasty too! Burke had a special outfit picked out for the party.  He […]

Everything but the kitchen sink Salad

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What a wonderfully lazy morning. We slept in, played a little bit. Burke took a nap, and then I started to think about packing for our weekend trip. I had no idea what to pack, and it was all too exhausting, so Burke and I took another nap. After our 2 hour snooze, we went […]

All things old are new again

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When I saw on Kara’s Facebook page that she and her family were moving to Bakersfield, I literally squealed out loud. I worked with Kara back when I was in Austin, and she worked for the company that I partnered with in Utah. We got to know each other with our many trips back and […]

Wednesday happenings…

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We met our PEP baby friends and moms this morning at La Mesa Park. It is so funny to me that I now know where all of these parks are in town, and am actually going to them too. There are so many of them in SB and I’m pretty thankful for that now that […]