Just Hanging Out

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Brett went to work remote today so that some of the mommies from our Birth Class, and their babes, could come over and hang out. We’d done the same at Stephanie’s two weeks ago, and it was so nice….so we did it again. This time, it was the Boy’s Club…all 5 of us have little […]

A Full Day of Work Meetings

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This morning I was thankful for Wimbeldon.  As we were going to bed last night, Brett was getting ready to set his alarm for 4am to get up and watch the quarterfinals this morning.  I told him he should just have Burke be his alarm, and get up when he did. Burke woke up at […]

Timing with Infants

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Our “work meeting” for today was another Infant Times class, this one outside at Oak Park. We sang songs, signed, and hung out with other sweet babies. I wasn’t sure if it would be chilly out there, so I bundled Burke up in his cute elephant layette outfit. It was a hit with the ladies. […]

My New Boss

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I went up to AppFolio today to sign my termination papers. It’s official…I’m a stay at home mom as of July 1st. I’m going to miss all of my colleagues, and working with everyone, but my new boss is pretty cute, so I think I’ll be alright.

[Insert Clever Title Here]

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The kids and Erika stopped by this morning before they took off for the airport in LA.  We were all still in bed when they showed up, so that’s why Brett, Burke and I are all still in our PJs.  🙂 It was a super fun week having the Waldorf family here to visit us […]

Lots of Fun on a Friday with Family

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Yay, it’s Friday!!  After eating some cereal at the house, we took off to check out the seals in Carpinteria for our first activity of the day. Right as we started on the path, we came across a freshly shed snake skin.  We didn’t see the snake it came from….thank goodness! We did get to […]

Animals, Picnic and Padaro…oh my!

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What a fun filled day!! We met up for breakfast at our place and then packed up the truck for an afternoon out. First stop? The Santa Barbara Zoo! This was all of our first time to the SB Zoo….although I’m sure it won’t by our (me and Burke, that is) last.  Burke was so […]

How about a mini cinnamon roll….

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We met up with the Waldorfs this morning for breakfast before they headed to drop Terry and Dylin off at the airport in LA. Farmer Boy Restaurant was where we ended up….and they don’t know what a regular sized portion is there. Terry originally ordered the Chef Special Omelet….that is, until the waitress kindly shared […]

What a Wonderful Tuesday!

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Burke and I were so excited about our day that we couldn’t sleep. So, we got up super early this morning and got ready for our visitors.  The Waldorfs were coming to town to meet Burke and visit with our family.  Woohoo! We met up with everyone for lunch early this afternoon, and after getting […]

Why is everyone hatin’ on the Yankees???

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While it sounds a little silly, I think that I started the trend for girls to wear baseball caps.  I was in like 10th grade, which was WAY back in 1991, when I started to wear my favorite cap.  I bought myself a NY Yankee pinstriped 1941 hat and wore it all the time.  I […]