Burke Week 4 :: May 22 – 28

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Let’s see….Burke’s week 4.  Well, Daddy came back from spending the day at Disney on Sunday early morning, and so we just all relaxed and hung out….and napped.  It was a nice way to end the week. On Tuesday, I went to the Y for yoga.  I went to the prenatal class since I wasn’t […]

Nap Time

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I could see it coming from a long way away… but there wasn’t much I could do about. Burke was coming somewhere at the end of April or the beginning of May… and the wheels had been in motion for awhile at work for the release of a new product in the middle of May. […]

Burke Week 3 :: May 15 – 21

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I’m getting caught up….and have backdated this post so in several years when I look back, I can pretend that I was on top of it and actually did this on time – ha! So, week three was less eventful as the first two. On Sunday, however, we did have a pretty fun little activity […]

Burke Week Two :: May 8 – 14

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Wow, another week has passed, and we took a million more pictures. Burke is just so cute that he moves, and we grab the camera. Here are a few highlights from his second week. Sunday – May 8 – Mother’s Day After the early morning nursing, I put Burke with Daddy.  They get all snuggly, […]

Burke’s First Week :: May 1-7, 2011

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It’s been a great first week with Burke! Thought to share a few pics of the beginning of our journey as a family of three! Sunday/Monday – May 1 & 2 Mommy and Burke stayed in bed almost all day on Sunday and Monday, just getting to know and love on each other.  Burke has […]

Burke’s Birth Story

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It all started on Saturday morning, April 30, at 8:30 AM on Brett’s 32nd birthday. I went to the bathroom and had a little bit of an “interesting” morning pee. I got a little excited, and got back into bed, and started to ask Brett, all chipper like, what he wanted to do his birthday. […]

Introducing Burke Ander Bollman

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What a crazy time of life this is… I don’t think any amount of advice or learning about other’s experiences can truly prepare you for what it means to go through pregnancy, labor, and birth. So many different emotions just swirling around all at the same time. At this point, we know that everyone is […]