Our Shiny New Toy by Brett

Posted in: Baby, Us- Apr 25, 2011 9 Comments

So, if you weren’t already sure about it… yes… we are having a baby boy sometime very soon. And to make sure that we can closely document every moment of our child’s life and create our own rendition of The Truman Show, we had to have a nifty HD camera. This will also make sure that our son will be able to reminisce about his childhood on his 100″ Sony Bendy-Glass TV sometime in 2032 without it looking like an 8-bit video game from 1985.

We saved up and bought ourselves the Canon EOS 7D, which can do all kinds of nifty stuff for video. 1080p at 24fps (if you understand any of what that means) makes for pretty sweet video… and so does 60fps for some super-slick slow-mo. The real nice treat is that we already have some lenses to go with this camera… so we spent some money to save some money. Hopefully we get a bunch of good video out of it too… unfortunately I think that is much more dependent on the person using the camera! 😀

And without any more rambling (if you didn’t skip over this and jump straight to the video)… here is some of the first video I’ve taken. Some midwife appointments and some signs that there is actually something alive inside of Annemarie’s belly! We can’t wait for B _ _ _ _ A _ _ _ _ Bollman to get here! Ooops… did I just type that?

9 Responses to “Our Shiny New Toy”

  1. emily says:

    I love y’all. This just made my morning 🙂 So excited to love this child well.

  2. Shyla says:

    So, just a few things…. 1) I think Ive guessed the middle name (if the number of blanks Brett typed is correct) and 2) Only Annemarie would still have a defined side waist while sporting a big belly and 3) I heart all 2.99 of you.

  3. Kara says:

    I have the middle name. But still stumbling on the first. Unless his name is Bendy. Then I’m so right.
    You guys are cute. You will love this video forever! Yay for BABIES!

  4. Marisa says:

    hahaha my favorite line? “he’s definitely not going to be small!” that was awesome! and i think i’ve got THE WHOLE NAME guessed!!!! augh i’m so excited! kara is right – yay for babies!!!

  5. virginia says:

    So the baby’s name is either “Barak Allah,” “Bodhi Adonis,” or “Byron Alpha.” Great choices! ; )

  6. Autie says:

    Brittany text me a few minutes ago wanting to start a poll on what we think the name will be based on your clue, so I had to come read the post first.
    Then there was tears because my heart is so full for the three of you! Thanks for the video.
    Now I’ve got to call her back and do some guess work.
    I keep looking at the little box on my calendar for April 27, that says Baby Bollman’s Due Date and wonder if he will just make his appearance as scheduled.
    That will tell me lots about my nephew right off 🙂
    Love B_ _ _ _ A_ _ _ _ Bollman and his parents SO MUCH!!!!!

  7. Grandma Betty says:

    Can a grandma’s heart be much happier than to have the ability to see her grandson kick and hear his heartbeat from 400 miles away? Technology is wonderful a moments like this. You guys need to skype us more often these last few days. I LOVE it. Yes I have a list of possible name choices in my planner, but I think Brett is too sly to give us the right number of blanks, so I’ll guess accordingly, but can’t be held to that guess. I’m sending my vote to “Brittany, the pollster.” Life is rich and God has given us such a wonderful son, daughter-in-law and grandson-on-the-way. My heart is ready to burst.

  8. Andrea says:

    You guys are so cute!! And I’m so jealous of your cute, perfect little belly!! I can’t wait to hear about the birth and ‘meet’ the little guy!!! I’m excited for you and know it’s just going to go beautifully.

  9. Laura Arredondo says:

    So very exciting!!!! What a great video!!! I miss those moments of watching my belly move. I agree with Brett’s mom, I think he is too slick to tell us the correct number of spaces, but I have my guess anyways!! Cannot wait to meet the little sweetie!! Love you guys!